The Faustian Deal of the Trans-human Illusion

The Faustian Deal of the Trans-human Illusion

Humans are developing computers with artificial intelligence having more brainpower than humans. Whether it happens 5, 10, or 20 years from now, it will eventually come to be. There is now a movement where people are actually implanting themselves, or planning in the future to do so, and becoming part computer. The wisdom question is, “What is this about”? Do we really want our brain to come under the direction of a computer and ultimately who programs that computer? Do we really need to interface with computers by letting them control our bodies and brains? What are we doing?

Trans-humanism reflects an extreme materialistic worldview. This movement is made of humans who are aspiring to become transgenic human beings for all the increased intelligence and material strength they can get. This reflects a profound misunderstanding of life’s purpose. Computers can reason, yet there is a crucial difference between AI and the human mental/brain function. Computers can possess intellectual wisdom, but there is another kind of wisdom – spiritual wisdom or wisdom of the soul. This is not the same as information or teachings. It is the wisdom of connecting to one’s soul and amplifying one’s soul connection and soul power. From a spiritual perspective we are here on planet earth to connect to our souls and to become, in a sense, consciously merged with God and liberated.

The point of life is not to build a bigger ego by becoming smarter or stronger super-soldiers, or to attain physical immortality (which would block the reincarnation cycle), or whatever is a particular era’s egocentric fantasy. It is really about connecting with your soul, opening your heart to the Divine, and merging with the Divine. That is spiritual soul wisdom… and the ultimate meaning and purpose of life.

In this case wisdom is the ability to tell the difference between spiritual wisdom and the computer AI materialistic approach, where people are seduced by the materialistic focused brainpower and worshipping it as if that is what it means to be humans. The trans-humanistic teaching is that if you are only human you are not going to be any good or as successful in the material world. It’s a little shocking that people are actually idealizing this. Have we lost the essential wisdom to go back to the basic life purpose of connecting with our soul and enlightenment? An excessive focus on materialism takes you away from that soul connection. It takes your attention away from what life is about. It is a major diversion in this world

Trans-humanism is the opposite of the divine program given to us and has a high probability of taking us to the dark side, although it is couched in egocentric power seductions that seem innocent enough but move us away from our soul’s purpose. Is humanity being asked to give up its soul for the sake of the illusion of more brainpower and the false promise of physical immortality? In other times this was called “selling your soul to the devil”. What else is new?

This is the classic Faustian deal. Paradoxically, this is also what the serpent offered Adam and Eve (Cha’vah)… “You will become as gods.” This was a bad deal, as their souls were already immortal, and they already had unlimited knowledge and capacity as they were already as gods. They gave up true immortality for the illusion of immortality and unlimited knowledge that they already had for material knowledge. The materialistic illusion of trans-humanism is the same dark side bad

This is not a new idea, but rather a perennial misdirection. After Adam and Cha’vah, Cain and Abel also had that discussion. They weren’t talking about computers, but they were talking about the purpose of life. Abel was saying that God is the center of life and everything comes through being aligned with the divine force. Cain was saying that humans are the center of life, in essence that we are greater than God. That misunderstanding has been repeated a variety of times resulting in the fall of humanity during the time of Noah and the flood and then continuing to repeat it with the postdiluvian Nimrod and his Tower of Babel. He was the first one-world dictator. He thought he was greater than God. Trans-humanism is a repeat of this missing the mark today. These are real issues not merely academic issues. Once again our society is faced with the ancient question of life’s present and perennial purpose – materialistic power and domination (by means of drones, super-soldiers, or trans-humanist, soulless, high-brainpower existence) or connection to one’s soul and fulfilling our divine purpose?

How do we then keep that heart-wisdom going? The key is where you put your attention. If your attention is on connecting with your soul and then opening the door to beyond the soul, you start to wake up all of the levels of the soul. In the Kabbalistic teaching, there are five layers of the soul including the physical soul, the astral plane level of the soul, the individual soul, and the over-soul, which is connected to the oneness of all humanity, and then the soul that is about direct merging. We have all of those. The core of our life purpose is connecting with that soul energy on every level as part of our spiritual evolution?

However, if you are not thinking about this but how fast your computer is going, or how much information you can store on your computer, you’ve missed the point of life. This takes us back to the perennial question, “How do we live in a way that connects us with the soul and brings us to enlightenment?”

May all be blessed that we become the enlightened living answer to this question.