The Eternal Guru Principal

The Guru Tattva is the Divine principle in every person. To really understand spiritual life or the spiritual path is to understand this singular principle. One religion is a scoop of water from the pond, and another religion is another scoop of water from the same pond. We can have another scoop of water, but we are not talking about the pond. The Guru Tattva is the pond. It is that which is prior to all religions. It exists in you as you.  The point of any spiritual path is to realize the Guru Tattva. The Guru Tattva is known as spiritual truth prior to the illusion of I am-ness. This is from the Yogic tradition, and yet it is the principle of all traditions.

Prior to all religions, prior to all belief systems, and prior to all concepts of spiritual life exists the principle of the formless. A jnani yogi is a person who has experienced the formless, which I teach in a variety of subtle ways. In essence the Guru Tattva is the formless essence of the Divine within each person. It is the basis of the spiritual way I teach. The Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace are all aimed at helping people to awaken to the presence of the Divine within, which is the Om principle. It’s the primordial guru within.

Before I had heard of Dattatreya, I started having visions of this being with three heads and one body. Dattatreya is the tree headed (Shiva, Visnu, Brahma) we call the primordial guru. It’s the essence of it. Shiva destroys and transforms; Vishnu sustains creation; and Brahma creates. In Dattatreya all come together as One. That is the Guru Tattva.  It is everything and what is prior to everything. To be permanently in the awareness of the Guru Tattva is the center of spiritual life. I use the yogic language because though they are foreign words, in certain ways, it’s the least complicated explanation. It basically means, merging into the truth of who you are.

Paradoxically one cannot consciously go beyond the mind. Going beyond the mind is an act of grace that often unfolds as a result of spiritual practices. It requires going the bounds of the ahamkara. Ahamakara is the normal and necessary time, space, I am-ness boundaries that allow one to function in the three-dimensional world. These are the boundaries that keep us separate from the Nothing. That is what we identify with. The ego is part of it; your skin is part of the ahamkara; your body is a part of ahamkara. These functional boundaries separate one from the One. When these boundaries, called ahamkara, begin to dissolve, and one no longer identifies with them, one can merge into the One. The ahamkara is the normal and healthy “ego” boundaries. A person who is considered “egocentric” is one who has identification with something such as name, fame, physical looks, power, or even one’s chakras.

To realize Guru Tattva, one has to disidentify with all form. The ahamkara is your vehicle. It’s how you walk around. You have it but you no longer identify with it. It exists in the world of temporal reality, but in the world of absolute reality, it doesn’t exist. These are basic understandings that give you a way to perceive what is going on. When you identify with the ahamkara you cannot really merge, because you see yourself as separate.

The Guru Tattva dwells within us, and is also often described as the Blue Light or the Blue Man form within your own heart. It is seen as a space within that space.  This is part of the realization process. Some teachings say that this blue light is the final liberation; however, my direct experience is that it is part of the truth. As even it has form. The final levels of realization have no form; it is prior to existence.

These are esoteric teachings and guidelines for understanding a bit of what is going on. We are to pay attention to the ahamkara, to protect and honor it, but not to identify with it.  While we do not identify with it, we do not put it down. We build it, because it is our vehicle for functioning in the world. When you are identified with it, you are bound. The Six Foundations for spiritual life help you to slowly and steadily disidentify with the ahamkara, and to create a quiet mind that allows you to go deeper within and ultimately merge with the Guru Tattva.

I don’t often share about the Blue Man or Pearl because people can get caught up in these images. It will happen naturally in a profound way. Very few people actually know about this.  One of my gurus said that it ended with the Blue Man, but I thought, “Wait a second. That’s not what I’m experiencing.” One of my other teachers, Swami Prakashananda knew exactly what I was talking about and was able to guide me and help me to rest in a revelation beyond that.  These teachings are not at all well known by experience, but they are the ultimate spiritual truth of all traditions.

This is non-sectarian way is deceptively simple and within everyone’s reach. All one has to do is consistently “show-up”. You simply live by the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace are then naturally lead in the direction in which you are to go. While this is fairly easy, I am giving you the esoteric part that cannot be intellectually understood. It is something that happens through the two wings of the spiritual bird: fully living in great teachings and grace.

May everyone be blessed with this understanding.