The Essene Sevenfold Peace

There is so much disinformation in the media and online that this year’s Modern Essene Gathering will focus on how to strengthen our soul connection. Our world is being filled with a potentially overwhelming amount of dissonance, misinformation, and disinformation aimed at overwhelming our conscious mind in a way that deludes us into a subtle disconnection with our souls.

At this year’s Modern Essene Gathering we’ll discuss questions such as, “Did the Israelite Exodus from Egypt, as many archeologists believe, never happen, undermining historical basis of the Torah?” and “As much of the western world is secularized and turns away from God, in the process of disconnecting from their souls, how do we continue to strengthen our soul connection and joy of life and continue to build the cosmic and prophetic perspective?”

The Sevenfold Peace, discussed in this article, is an important part of maintaining and developing our soul connection as it brings us an ongoing experience of our own soul connection.

See you at the Modern Essene Gathering starting Friday, June 10th, and running through Monday, June 14th!

The Essene way of living is the Seven-Fold Peace.

The first of these is Peace with the Body.  When you are fasting and eating live food your body is in a much greater state of peace.  Your body becomes a doorway of light into the subtle bodies, such as the light body.  When your body is cleansed enough the spiritual energy, sometimes known as the Kundalini, Shakti, or the Divine Mother energy, moves through the system spiritualizing it to the point where the gross aspect of the body is no longer dominant and the light that is within us begins to emerge more primarily, making it a doorway to the higher levels.  We are better able to access the light body and to move through that doorway.  In that process, when you’re not at war with your body, your body is not detoxing, or suffering chronic disease, and is protected from environmental toxins, the body is able to work at a much more refined level.

When there is peace with the body, then you begin to have Peace with the Mind.  A quiet body helps to support a quiet mind.  When people are fasting, as they go deeper into the fast, their minds become quieter.  A quiet mind is a peaceful mind.

The next is Peace with the Family.  Family has different levels.  We have sacred relationships, where the mind and the body are quiet and you are able to have a healthier relationship.  Your heart is able to be more open and you are able to really develop the capacity for intimacy.  Peace with the family also means peace with your family of origin.  Oftentimes people ask what to do if in their family there is total difficulty.  Peace with the family means engaging with the family in a way that creates the most peace.  Maybe this means being very close, or maybe it means keeping some loving distance.  It requires some skill to organize your relationship with your family that allows for peace.  Often times we can have a détente by regulating this with time, space, and energy.  You have to be very thoughtful about that particularly if there is great difficulty in the family.  When you find the right distance you are able to have peace, and there is much more opportunity for heart opening.  Then you can hold peace with the family.  It doesn’t require that everyone be in all in the same little space to be at peace.  It requires the proper use of time, space, and energy, so that peaceful feelings can arise in the family situation.  This might be physical distance, only connecting on holidays, or whatever you find to -hold the right energy, so that there is a feeling of peace and love even if it’s from a distance.  In this way, peace with the family is reasonable no matter what is going on.

The next is Peace with the Community.  That’s becoming more and more a challenge today, because there are many communities, and we have to include the dark side as part of this community.  A recent example of this is that there have been 14 holistic doctors that have been assassinated since September.  This has been covered on the Internet news and certainly in holistic circles.  There still is a need for a certain peace.  Peace does not mean acting stupid, or acting as if everything is fine when everything is not fine.  Peace with community is also about a détente with a situation that is highly adverse to culture of life and liberation, due to certain dark force issues.  The challenge, which is very important, is how to stay centered and at peace in these kinds of adverse situations.  This could be the example of doctors being assassinated or reporters being killed (there have been at least 50 this year).  Why is this happening?  They find out a piece of information that our governments don’t want us to hear about.  Unfortunately, this happens with reporters around the world.  The key question is, how do we be at peace with this type of situation?  The objective facts are happening, how do we be at peace?

We have to step back a bit.  We all have our roles to play.  Some people are reporters or doctors uncovering serious things, like certain toxins in the vaccines making people sterile or giving children autism.  How do you bring that out and how do you be at peace with it rather than at war with that?  Dr. Thompson revealed the cover-up of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine studies that link it autism.  There is actual physical data that was hidden, that showed that African American children have 3.36 times more autism from the MMR.  The report showed that everything was fine, because they threw out the data.  Thompson kept a separate set of data and then reported it.  This is now a big issue that I write about in my book Conscious Parenting.  This brings us back to the point that to be at peace, you don’t have to respond inappropriately.  You don’t have to condone this; however, being at peace is your own internal relationship with that.  It is a good warrior who can be quiet with them selves, so they can do the best work and it doesn’t eat you up.

There is a great story of a samurai, who catches up with the man who he is to assassinate.  The man spits in his face and the samurai lets him go.  It takes him three more months to catch up with him again and the man is stunned.  He says to the samurai, “Before you kill me, tell me why you didn’t kill me earlier when you had the chance?”  The samurai warrior said, “I got angry when you spit in my face.  To kill someone when you are angry is very bad karma.  Now I am at peace.”  The moral to the story is that we do need to be warriors at times.  We need to know when that is, but we don’t have to get angry.  Peace in the world doesn’t necessarily look peaceful.  It has to do with a state of mind where you are at peace.  From this place of peace, you are free to move in any direction and it is never out of anger or fear or resentment.  It is because it is the highest action in the moment.  It is very difficult in today’s world because there are all kinds of obvious injustices going on.  All that has to be done, with a certain loving, kindness is to act appropriately.  That is peace with the community.

Next is Peace with Culture.  In the Native Lakota tradition there is the teaching of O’ Mitakuye Oyasin, which means, “I honor all of my relations.”  This includes the rock people of the living planet.  In the kabalistic teaching, every planet including Earth has a soul.  The sun has a soul.  The rocks have a soul.  We are also to be at peace with the rock people.  There is living energy in that.  O’ Mitakuye Oyasin also includes peace with the sprouting ones or the plant world.  This is being in right relationship with them as living energy.  We make carbon dioxide and the plants take this in and make oxygen and photosynthesis.  There is an increase in carbon dioxide.  It has gone from 280 ppm (part per million) to 385 ppm. Incidentally, this is not about global warming.  That is a whole other topic.  And yet, one acre of organic farming will take in 3,700 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.  One acre of avocadoes will take in 5,200 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

However, carbon dioxide isn’t really a problem. According to NASA experts, it accounts for approximately 9% of the global warming effect of gases.  A major shift in agriculture would significantly remedy the CO2 issue. Although ecological opinions vary, some are estimating that animal agriculture accounts for 54% of the global warming gases. If the world went vegan it would have a major decrease in global warming gases.  This is peace in our synergistic relationship with the plant world.  If we do not grow food organically, the system breaks down and there is an imbalance of carbon dioxide.  The cycle is broken.  This is all part of peace with culture, as are the animals and the human cultures.  This is about all levels of culture and seeing the connection between all the human cultures and seeing the essential oneness.  We sometimes see our selves as stewards of nature, this is a nice idea but it is not really peace.  Peace with nature is when you understand you are one with the living planet.  This is different from seeing yourself as separate and taking care of it.  You are playing your role, the living planet is playing its role, and peace is knowing you are one.  What happens to the living planet is what happens to you.  You are relating to it very differently.  Stewardship is good, but it is the oneness that takes it to that level of peace.

The seventh level of peace is Peace with God.  Part of is seeing the Divine in all of creation, within your self, and within everyone else and being at peace with that understanding.  As the Essenes would say, Peace be with you.  May your understanding of the peace within you evolve.