The Cosmic Heart Beneath the Sense of Emptiness

The great spiritual wisdom is learning how to walk in our multi-dimensional world integrating all the dimensions in a synergistic way. People usually talk about the physical plane, but as consciousness expands we also begin to be exposed in different levels of spiritual planes.  The spiritual mystery is how to walk in all the planes consciously. Although most people do not walk in the plane of emptiness, a more practical question is: What does one do with that sense of emptiness that most people have in their lives?  Even though most people do not live in the great emptiness, “How do we relate to that?” is a key question. Do you attempt to fill that gnawing sense of emptiness with entertainment; food; power; sex; controlling or trying to enslave other people; or practicing the dark occult to create the illusion of feeling alive? Or do you seek to go beneath discomfort of the superficial feeling of emptiness to the illuminated heart of God that dwells within you (that dwells within all of us) that, when accessed, fills the emptiness with the essence of our deep heart, which is naturally occurring, non-causal (no cause) love, peace, contentment, compassion, compassion, and oneness.  The decision to go deeper into silence takes much wisdom.

In our society depth and insight are becoming less honored and entertaining diversion from the pain of the initial emptiness or from the risk of intimacy is more the “in thing”. For example, what we see with the Internet, because more and more people have become afraid at the subtlety of intimacy and of sacred relationship, and more and more people have an online or an even less intense “text messaging relationships”. There is a science-fiction movie out about people falling in love with artificial-intelligence computers. This is an example of how people are willing to do anything except to go within.

There is a joke about how the mythical figures decided where to hide the mysteries of the inner truth.  If they were to hide it at the bottom of the ocean, they reasoned that people would go there and find it. If it were hidden on the moon, people would go there too; so the secret of life was placed inside – the one place that people don’t usually look.

In another example of the effort to fill the feeling of internal emptiness, people are fantasizing about becoming trans-human beings.  What is that? It’s the idea that instead of going inside, you put some computer chips inside your brain in order to be more intelligent (more like a computer), increasing memory, and enhancing out capacity (as if there is anything to achieve), and to have the illusion of physical immortality (as long as the computer lasts) while not understanding we, as souls, are already immortal. This massive egoic vain effort at enhancement creates even more and more complex diversions to help avoid the emptiness that is a clue to reaching the real immortal emptiness. Society is moving even further away from the inner truth with this materialistic approach.  What people have forgotten is that the great purpose of life in all the great traditions is to wake-up spiritually and know one’s oneness with God.  We were planted on the planet for this rectification to happen.  But, as part of the cosmic game it is hidden.  The truth – the non-causal love, joy, and peace – dwells within us, as us, as the expression of the Divine is ours for the effort.  When we don’t look there, we are lacking wisdom (and also, it is a lot of extra work).

The mystery of the deep wisdom is knowing where to look to experience the apperception of the truth. Once you understand where it is, the next step is to live your life in a way that creates a quiet mind so that the truth within (the divine spark) is able to illuminate our everyday life.  That is the profound fullness; the sense of being satiated that is at the bottom of the emptiness.  But this is hard to do in a world that presents us with every kind of possible diversion.  As I say in my book There Is a Cure for Diabetes, “There is never enough food to feed the hungry soul.”  Likewise, there is never enough busyness to feed a restless mind.  And, even worse, there is never enough food, money, sex, evilness, or power to feed the hungry soul or make one feel alive.  There is great wisdom in understanding this and choosing not to waste time following the dead end, superficial diversion roads.  There is great wisdom, however, in going for straight for the purpose of being here on Earth.

Even immortality is not the purpose of life, but rather the purpose is to know God – to merge with God.  This is the deep wisdom that not only fills us but also awakens us to feel whole and complete.  It doesn’t matter how long you live if you’re still looking in the wrong direction.

The story of the musk deer helps illuminates this. It is said that the musk deer had an acute ability to perceive a certain musk smell.  The pleasant aroma was compelling, yet the deer didn’t know where the musk aroma was coming from.  It travelled far to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west trying to find the source of this wonderful scent.  Finally in exhaustion it fell down, turning it’s head inward to where the musk gland (which it had within itself) was located and thereby was able to find he source of that musk.

The truth is that we do radiate the aroma of the Divine, but we need to turn inward in order to experience it fully, at the deepest level.  So, may everybody be blessed that we have the wisdom to turn inward in our lives and to experience the pearl of great price.