The Balance of Tiferet

One of the hardest things on the spiritual path is balancing gevurah and chesed. Gevurah is severity and boundaries, and chesed is love and kindness. The balance of these is tiferet, or beauty. It’s a struggle everyone faces within themselves. How far do I go? Do I further strengthen boundaries or do I let up a little bit and be gentler with myself and other people? It’s a struggle that doesn’t necessarily have a single answer. It’s a constant adjustment we make throughout life until we begin to consistently find balance. When gevurah and chesed are balanced, life is integrated and beautiful, and spiritual life is more balanced. Everything you do is more integrated. You are more at peace within yourself. There’s a whole series of things that begin to happen.
The mystery of the Tree of Life is there for us to master the psycho-spiritual aspects of each of the sefirotic energies. This is not solely in terms of each individual sefirot, but also in their combinations. We look at our lives and ask, “How can we find the right balance?” How can we know when to set boundaries for ourselves as we live our lives? How can we know when to be gentler? Then, as we evolve, how can we can move from one set of balance to another set of balance in that evolutionary process. It is one of the most important challenges we face within and obviously without ourselves. The outer reflects our inner balance and imbalance.
What’s the balance? At every stage in our lives balance is going to be a little different – not extremely different, but a little bit different. As we evolve spiritually, the balance continues to shift. This is balance in the big picture and also the details of our lives.
People often ask about the Six Foundations and tell me they are too busy, but if you don’t have time for the Six Foundations in your life, from a spiritual perspective one simply needs to adjust life so they can get all Six Foundations in on a regular basis. That’s a boundary that you can set for yourself. You prioritize the Six Foundations in your life’s flow. Then whatever else happens, happens, but, when we draw that line, we are oriented and making clear decisions and clear lifestyle choices. Just an inner dialogue alone about the Six Foundations is, in itself, a major spiritual and lifestyle choice. To further organize your life so that you are able to work all of those in is another level of choice. First be aware that there is a choice, and second set the boundaries. You set the boundary because you have certain aspirations about spiritual life and wanting to create a quiet mind, a healthy body, and right balance. You make a decision of how to approach it, and then you start sorting out. But just walking your talk demonstrates relative balance because at least you’re living the Six Foundations.
Of the Six Foundations, you may emphasize one at a certain stage of life and another at another stage. For example, I often emphasize the importance of meditation for people on a regular basis. But, sometimes humanitarian work has a higher priority because circumstantially you are making that overall heart connection with collective humanity, and it is expanding you spiritually. We are always readjusting. It is not just performing all Six Foundations daily, but also the proper balance of those foundations according to my personal evolution at this moment in time. We constantly consider all these aspects. The inquiry into and consideration of balance, alone, is part of the spiritual path. Balance is not fixed. It is a constant dynamic inner contemplation.
May everyone be blessed with the ability to balance the powers and consciousness of gevurah, of chesed, and of tiferet in life. Amen.