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A seva or employment position within the Tree of Life US plant-source only live food spiritual community is an intense spiritual journey of commitment, intimacy and transformation. It’s for those with spiritual perseverance (netzakh), dedication, devotion and intensity. If you are called here and fit the position (ie. you have the skills), then the community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

In essence, the Tree of Life is a holistic healing, humanitarian and spiritual center that teaches a holistic vegan way of life and is an intense setting for spiritual practice and growth for staff, sevas and guests under the spiritual support and guidance of Spiritual Master Gabriel Cousens.

Our vision is to create a living experience of sustainable healthy living for the individual and the entire planet. This includes providing people with an experience of what it means to live a quality of life that’s healing to themselves and our planet on every level from agricultural, society, and personal emotional and spiritual health. We offer this so people can know this exists and that they can experience the joy of living in this manner. Many people have a deep yearning to live a quality of life that we call an “awakened normality” that is here at the Tree of Life.

Employment Opportunities

Volunteer (Seva) Opportunities