Teachings of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What

This evening’s communion is the angel of power. We’re going to consider the teaching of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What. By What, we are referring to the material plane. This power has two sides. On one level we have the deluding power of Mah, meaning we take the material plane as real and as the only reality. That can confuse us in Alma D’Shikra, the world of illusion. That is one point of spiritual confusion. This is how much of the world is operating. Even many religious groups are not really operating beyond a materialistic viewpoint. This is very confusing and deluding and, in essence, leads towards a skewed impression of how to act in the world. The other aspect of Koach Mah is to see the power of the Divine in the material plane; to see and to appreciate that all is the dance of the Divine. This active perception of Koach Mah, along with the spiritual path, takes us out of a pacifist point of view. A pacifist point of view leads us to a resignation to history. It is all fate. There are some spiritual perceptions along these lines, but here we are talking about a moment-to-moment perception of the power of the Divine that creates a situation in which we are empowered to make spiritual choices, in that moment, about that moment. In this process we are free to act in any direction, which is where the potential for spiritual growth happens. As King Solomon taught, sometimes we respond by being active; other times we are passive; and sometimes we may be more circular. When we say there is only one way to respond; it is an unawake position. It is a safe position because we never have to ponder Koach Mah, but also we lose the evolving power of Koach Mah. We lose the challenge that God is bringing to us, which is to have the responsibility and spiritual awareness to think about the best way to serve and evolve in the moment. Sometimes it’s quiet; sometimes it’s noisy; and sometimes it’s a question of how to best respond. When Sai Baba of Shirdi, who was a God-merged being, would get angry flames of the fire would go up and start to burn the ceiling. People would freak out, but he was just making his point in a very fiery way. In his case, the point being that all of creation responded. He was free to be fiery. He was free to be tender. He was free to be this way or that way. An enlightened point of view, where we see the dance of the Divine in all things, allows us to develop our spiritual discrimination so that we can evolve more spiritually and more deeply in every moment. So, may everyone be blessed with the full understanding of Koach Mah – The Power of What.