Zorba the Buddha

There are many different levels and kinds of wisdom.  One of the most important of these is viveka. This wisdom is most important for living sanely in our world today. This is a yogic term, which means the ability to tell the difference between the illusory/temporary reality and the absolute reality.  There are different levels to that.  We have dual, non-dual reality and prior to that, beyond the mind, is the nothing.  This is prior to the confines of the dualistic mind.  Liberation is when the glass ceiling of the mind shatters and you don’t mind, because there is no […]

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You Must Follow Before You Can Lead

When I was on my football team at Amherst College, there was writing on the wall, which said, “You must learn to follow before you can lead”.  I remember how important this was.  At first, as a starting varsity player as a sophomore, I didn’t even talk.  I played hard and did fine and got to the point where I got to be the captain of an undefeated team in my senior year.  As captain it was my duty to talk.  I was happy not talking, but that was my new role.  Years later, when I was in India living […]

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