Airplane (or airport!) Yoga

Airplane Yoga

This is an excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine: In the process of working out the best overall exercise system for airplane travel I have sought the guidance and direct input of Kali Ray, a Master Yogini, who is the founder of Kali Ray TriYoga®. (See Resources Directory.) It is said that yogis of old became so accomplished in their spiritual practices that they developed special powers, including the ability to fly. However, in the West, since the technology already exists for people to fly at high speeds and with a lot less personal self-mastery than the […]

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7 Steps to Prevent Jet Stress

Airplane Travel

An excerpt from Dr. Cousens book, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine: The prevention of jet stress begins with maintaining good health as a prerequisite before traveling. The next level of prevention is stabilizing cellular, organ, endocrine, tissue, nervous system, and brain functioning while on the airplane. The stability and integrity of the subtle energy centers and acupuncture meridians also need support. Prevention of jet stress is accomplished using a blend of approaches that protect cellular integrity from both in-flight stress and the disruption of biological rhythms. The jet stress program I have developed has seven steps. The fundamental idea is […]

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