Vegan Nature Farming

The following is an excerpt for Dr. Cousen’s book Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine  In Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet and Conscious Eating, the theme is using the human diet as a tool to advance consciousness and evolution. This book, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, details how a raw-food, low-glycemic, organic, vegan diet is the best form of nutrition for humans to optimize health and longevity and to expand consciousness. At the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, our Vegan Nature Farming program is an outgrowth of this evolution. On the continuum of organic farming and authentic farming, we have gone even […]

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The Secret of Growing High Vibrational Food

Our gardens provide the Tree of Life Café with year-round harvests of fresh and delicious veggies, greens and sprouts that consistently receive rave reviews.  Guests from around the world confirm that the food grown in our gardens and served by our Café is the most delicious and nutritious food they have ever tasted.  So what’s our secret? We use sustainable veganic gardening methods, including effective microorganisms (EM), humic acids, seaweed extract, sea-crop ocean water concentrate, mycorrhizal fungi inoculant, composting, and cover crops.  These methods, combined with our gifted gardeners and chefs, work synergistically to produce our beautiful 100% organic, raw […]

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