An excerpt from Dr. Cousens ‘ book, Spiritual Nutrition: Chlorine, in its healthy food form, rather than its commercial table salt form, is present in digestive processes and glandular secretions. One of its main functions is as a cleanser in the body. A deficiency of chlorine will contribute to a sluggish liver and glandular and lymphatic swelling. The human body contains about three-fourths ounce of chlorine. Chlorine unites with potassium to work within the muscle system and gives tone to the motor centers. It also can help excite the sexual system. Chlorine helps support the blood cell function, and is […]

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The Light of Live Foods

The Spiritual Nutrition diet is a special type of spiritual vegan diet aimed at helping us transcend body consciousness, clean the koshas, calm the vrittis of the mind, clear the nadis, and expand the prana. For this reason, Spiritual Nutrition is more disciplined than a regular vegetarian diet, generally lighter and includes Spiritual Fasting and the taking of primarily live foods (uncooked roots, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds). These are called the food of the rishis (sages) or ancient Yogis, as well as the probable diet of the Essenes. Five effects of green juice fasting are: cleansing, rebuilding, rehydrating, […]

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The Importance of Joy

The Importance Of Joy

Joy plays a very important role in spiritual life.  It’s said in the Torah that one should serve God with joy.  When people serve without joy, they don’t receive the benefits of serving.  In fact, they sometimes get the downside.   What does it mean to serve God with joy?  There are different levels of this (being that there are five levels of the body and five or six levels of the mind depending on the tradition).  The highest level (the sixth level) of the mind is called hiranyamaya kosha.  At the level of the hiranyamaya kosha there is a non-causal love.  […]

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Blessing Water

In the Kabbalistic teachings, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical plane. In this context, water pollution is a worldwide phenomenon and represents both a spiritual and physical crisis. The external water pollution in the oceans, lakes, and rivers mirrors the inner physical and spiritual pollution, as well as our global spiritual crisis. For thousands of years, Kabbalists have used pure water for physical and spiritual cleansing. This is the mystery of the mikvah water purification ceremony, which usually takes place in a cosmic womb – a sacred pool of running water or a clean stream. […]

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Fasting Guidelines

An excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Spiritual Nutrition When to and When Not to Fast Intentional fasting for short periods of time such as seven to ten days is considered completely safe by many fasting experts. In some Swedish hospital experiments with fasting, patients fasted up to fifty-five days without any difficulty. Paavo Airola states that water fasting up to forty days and juice fasting up to 100 days is generally considered safe by fasting medical experts in Europe. Therapeutic fasts from fourteen to twenty-one days are considered common in European fasting clinics. If one has any sort of serious illness […]

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Fasting – the Ultimate Way to Reactivate the Youthing Gene Expression

Gene Expression

An excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Spiritual Nutrition Fasting, particularly Spiritual Fasting, which diminishes the physical stresses of excess food, along with emotional stresses, psychological stresses, spiritual stresses, and environmental stresses, is the optimal set- ting for activating the youthing genes. Fasting is an accelerated form of calorie restriction, and the results we see are in complete alignment with Dr. Spindler’s calorie restriction research findings and the findings of other researchers (see Chapter 22). The author’s first insight into activating the youthing gene expression began with his observations in 1988. It was the transformation he saw in people during the first […]

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The Elusive B12

The work at the Tree of Life and in all my nutrition books, Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine is to provide an optimal situation for everyone to be successful vegan and live food practitioners. To that end, we address every single issue that is connected with being successful. The B-12 issue is one that is critical to a successful and healthy vegan and live food way of life. To understand the significance of this issue, we need to understand a little about the importance of B-12 in the diet. The average non-vegetarian stores between 2,000 […]

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