Essene Week 10: The Essene Way of Life as a Peace Teaching

walkers between worlds

The Essenes practiced an agricultural, community-based lifestyle away from the cities. There were no rich or poor among them because of the alignment of their economics, lifestyle, and society with Divine Law. The Essenes considered Divine Law to be the sum total of all the laws governing all manifestations of the forces of nature and the cosmos. This Divine Law is perhaps best summarized as the Living Law of Love and Harmony with All Creation. In accordance with their sense of Divine Law, the Essenes had no slaves and were said to be the first society to condemn slavery both […]

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Order From Chaos pt. 1

Order From Chaos

How do we begin to make order out of the apparent chaos we see in the world all around us today? How do we even begin to integrate what’s happening? In a global society producing chaos and disorder, we have to start with ourselves. It is most impressive how people lose touch with their souls. Your soul is your gateway to the Divine, to Divine Will, and, ultimately, to the Divine order in the world. However, people are so painfully disconnected for their soul, that they will do anything to feel alive again. The real issue is how to truly […]

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Chinese System of Yin/Yang Foods

From Dr. Cousens’ book, Conscious Eating: The interrelating and complementary principles of yin and yang are key concepts in traditional Chinese philosophy that are used to describe the dynamic nature of the universe. The principles of yin and yang, though polar opposites, do not exist without each other. According to traditional Chinese thought, everything, even the personality, can be viewed from the perspective of yin and yang elements. Yang attributes are contractive, hot, fiery, dense, heavy, flat, and low to the ground. A yang personality is powerful, strong-willed, extroverted,grounded, outgoing, focused, concrete, active, and prone to getting angry easily. An […]

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Teachings of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What

This evening’s communion is the angel of power. We’re going to consider the teaching of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What. By What, we are referring to the material plane. This power has two sides. On one level we have the deluding power of Mah, meaning we take the material plane as real and as the only reality. That can confuse us in Alma D’Shikra, the world of illusion. That is one point of spiritual confusion. This is how much of the world is operating. Even many religious groups are not really operating beyond a materialistic viewpoint. This is […]

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The Path of Light to Ultimate Reality

There is really only one wisdom, which is the ability to distinguish between the absolute reality and the temporal reality. The world makes an enormous effort to keep us sucked into the temporal reality and getting us to forget the absolute reality. It is enormously seductive to be manipulated from one crisis to another. Of course, each of these crises is an opportunity for us to spiritually evolve, however, it is still temporary reality, which creates an illusion as if something is happening. We have to make the decision what way we want to go with what we are presented. […]

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The Flow

We are living in a world where there is not a whole lot of peace –not even political peace, and the angel of peace goes much deeper than political peace. The key to peace is inner peace, which begins to emerge as we are lived by the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace. The Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace are about living in a way to support accessing this internal peace. The Six Foundations are as follows: Spiritual Nutrition and Spiritual Fasting, Building Life Force Energy through Pranayama, Yoga Asana, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Sacred Dance, etc. Service and […]

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Becoming a Slave to the Truth

Stay Faithful to the Truth

The one who is a slave to the truth is truly liberated. That is a paradox, but it is the deeper understanding. Once we understand the truth, we must then be faithful to that truth that we have experienced. Without that we have liberation insight, but we cannot hold it in our practice. This is why so many teachers fall. They are not able to hold faithful to their insight into the truth. I am more deeply clarifying the meaning of enlightenment. It is not enough to know the truth and to have the inner experience of it. One must bring […]

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Integrating the Heavens and the Earth

We as humans have the task of integrating the heavens and the earth simultaneously.  When we don’t do this, we become imbalanced – imbalanced in health, imbalanced in our relationships, and imbalanced in our awareness.  One of the biggest tasks in our spiritual life is how to balance everything.  How do we balance the heavenly with the earthly, and somehow make it work in an integrated way?  Not in an extreme way, but in a truly integrated way that helps us to evolve, helps the planet to evolve, our relationships to evolve, and helps everything to become sacred.  This is […]

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The Spiritual Answer to Terrorism

Terrorism is a worldwide problem that will not be solved through compromise, as demonstrated by the failure of Neville Chamberlain regarding Hitler during World War II. Terrorism has fixed beliefs and a strong intellectual justification in its correctness and is fueled by the power of hate. The word “hate” is classically defined as “that which separates”. The power of terrorism is based on the intent to create fear of destruction, physical harm, or death in the masses. It is primarily effective against people who have belief systems and ego identities based primarily on the physical plane. The counterpoint to terrorism […]

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Back to the Land

Every people has a shamanic connection to their land, and the consciousness of that people affects the land and the land affects their consciousness.  This is a clear shamanic principle.  The seeds of their plants contain the consciousness of the people, and this consciousness expresses in the plants.  We are all truly affected by the energetics of the topsoil, and, historically speaking, any culture that neglects its topsoil usually falls into ruin because it is not caring for the cycle of life and becomes unsustainable. Some believe that this is what happened to the Mayans. They began to misuse their […]

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