Silence: A poem by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

Silence does not speak, but is behind every thought, word, and action. It can’t be labeled, bottled, or commercialized. It is free, And is the doorway to freedom. And the mind, No matter how hard it tries, Can’t fit through the doorway. Give up your attachment to the mind. Strip it naked of the clothes of its thoughts, And you dance naked, alone, radiant, and free. Come join the ecstatic dance of silence Into liberation Nothing. You have nothing to lose Except your mind And the illusion that Truth can be found in the mind. Surrender is never to an […]

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The Cosmic Heart Beneath the Sense of Emptiness

The great spiritual wisdom is learning how to walk in our multi-dimensional world integrating all the dimensions in a synergistic way. People usually talk about the physical plane, but as consciousness expands we also begin to be exposed in different levels of spiritual planes.  The spiritual mystery is how to walk in all the planes consciously. Although most people do not walk in the plane of emptiness, a more practical question is: What does one do with that sense of emptiness that most people have in their lives?  Even though most people do not live in the great emptiness, “How […]

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