Minerals – Frequencies of Light Part 2

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition book. Click below to download Free Chapter and learn more about: Mineral Depletion in Plant Food The Seawater Solution High-Mineral Food Creates Healthy Humans Minerals and the Biochemistry of Humanity Minerals in the Organs An abundance of minerals including (Calcium, Carbon, Chlorine……) What is the solution for growing healthy plants again, and therefore well-nourished human beings? Seawater is the most ancient water solution on Earth, and perhaps the most ideal physiologically to remineralize the soils. One of the most exciting research studies that has been done on minerals was done by Dr. Maynard Murray and […]

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Minerals – Frequencies of Light Part 1

Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual Nutrition. Minerals are frequencies of Light, frequencies of information, and frequencies of creation for the material world in the universe in which we live. The Earth is made of minerals. Our body is made of minerals. Minerals activate all the catalysts for enzymatic reactions in the body. They activate the vitamins. They activate all the organ structures, and in fact, are the basis of all the organ and cellular structures of the body. Minerals are the builders of the system. They are the frequency rates in the system. They are not necessarily […]

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