Resisting the Pressure of PC

There is a subtlety in the merging of the heavens and the earth. We really live on multiple planes. Tonight’s Essene communion is about the Koach Mah – the “Power of What.” This morning’s Essene communion was about Life Force. Those two go together. In the context of the larger picture, there are real forces happening on the planet that are distinctively unbalanced. There is much chaos on the planet. The Torah teaches that there’s a dynamic play between individual expression as part of dynamic whole and also the role and interface with the collective. That dynamic balance is a […]

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Teachings of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What

This evening’s communion is the angel of power. We’re going to consider the teaching of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What. By What, we are referring to the material plane. This power has two sides. On one level we have the deluding power of Mah, meaning we take the material plane as real and as the only reality. That can confuse us in Alma D’Shikra, the world of illusion. That is one point of spiritual confusion. This is how much of the world is operating. Even many religious groups are not really operating beyond a materialistic viewpoint. This is […]

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An Age Old Struggle

There has been a struggle going on since the time of Cain and Abel. People have two ways of being. One is that humanity is an expression of God. The other is that humanity is separate and greater than God. Cain insisted that humans are separate from God. Abel insisted that we are part of God. This was the essence of their argument. Before Cain and Abel were the seven civilizations of Edom. These included Atlantis, Lemuria, and others. The Atlantians, with their crystal technology, created a dark force that destroyed the planet. Before the Great Flood were had a […]

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