More on Marijuana: Dr. Cousens’ Response to Questions on Emerging Cannabis Research

While marijuana may have many palliative qualities, the psychoactive species have some serious downsides. These are well outlined in the 800-page book titled Marijuana Syndromes by John Mini. His research validates what I have observed since the ‘60’s. As he points out, “Marijuana’s side effects increase over time” and are cumulative. He has clinically observed that “marijuana’s effects can have a drying and toxic quality. They tend to take a general progression from the lungs to the digestion and immune systems, then to the blood, heart and circulatory system, then on to the liver and nervous systems and finally to the sexual, endocrine systems and brain over time.” […]

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Marijuana Is Not Medicine – Part Two

I am glad that my article has spawned so much interesting debate. I did not directly cite research in my original article, as it was a general condensation of studies that are readily available with a little research.  There are literally thousands of scholarly studies available describing marijuana’s negative effects.  Since there has been such an outcry, I have posted some of these below, including my own research on THC as a hypnotic. I was initially interested in researching the potential benefits of marijuana use in cases of insomnia. Despite a promising hypothesis that marijuana could be beneficial in certain […]

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