Travels – December 2013

With each journey the mission grows stronger as new steps are taken based on the strong foundation that has been created. In Israel we had the biggest fast we have ever done with 93 people. It was activated by the power of the Yam Hamelach (Dead Sea). Twenty-eight people from 13 different nations attended as well as Israelis. The spiritual potency was activated and almost all had a Kundalini awakening. Most interesting were the diabetic results. We had 12 diabetics. All had unusual drops in their fasting blood sugars. Eleven dropped to the low 70’s some even went as low […]

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Insights on Soy: An Open Letter to Ocean and John Robbins

Insights On Soy

Dear Ocean, Thank you to both you and John for the heroic work you are doing in campaigning for veganism. As a holistic physician and successful vegan for more than 35 years, I feel completely aligned with your support of a plant-based diet. I’m writing this letter in response to John Robbins’ soy article (recently reprinted in 2013 in your newsletter as the most comprehensive article on soy). At one point in the ’60’s and ’70’s, when my personal community was literally making our own soy products for personal consumption, soy was seen as the great protein substitute for vegetarians and […]

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Live, Grainless Recipes without Terrain-Deranging Grains

Since deranged biological terrain is one of the major causes of chronic degenerative disease, we need to identify the specific foods that disrupt the biological terrain–and foods that heal it.  Foods that disrupt the biological terrain diminish the negative charge of the red blood cells.  In essence, although they taste good to many people, these foods accelerate the process of rotting, or the composting of Western civilization. Grains constitute a major class of yeast/fungi/mold-stimulating foods.  While I do not want to be in a position of going “against the grain” of society, as I look closely at the issue, I […]

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