Chamomile Kream with Strawberries- Phase 1.5

Simple, raw, vegan decadence in every bite. Juicy strawberries draped in a gently sweet, creamy and soothing chamomile Kream. Can you say ‘Mmmmmm…’?   Serves Approximately: 4 Makes 2 C. Kream Ingredients 1 lb strawberries, washed, slice and set aside 2 C. thick nut mylk (Almond or cashew would be a great choice) 3 tsp. chamomile or three chamomile tea bags 1 tsp. lucuma powder Directions: Place mylk in pan and warm to 110 degrees Place loose tea into infuser or use chamomile tea bags and place in mylk Once mylk reaches temperature, pull off burner, cover and let steep […]

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