Everything is Real

Koach Mah is the “power of what”. The “power of what” is an understanding that the material world is not really material.  It is immaterial and our relationship with it is immaterial on one level. The key is that in Koach Mah, the power of what, there is a task for us to release the spiritual energy that is hidden in it, and to release it back into its primordial essence origin. Like the kundalini, which is stored at the base of the spine, it comes from the cosmos in a process we call involution down into the base of […]

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Teachings of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What

This evening’s communion is the angel of power. We’re going to consider the teaching of Koach Mah, meaning the Power of What. By What, we are referring to the material plane. This power has two sides. On one level we have the deluding power of Mah, meaning we take the material plane as real and as the only reality. That can confuse us in Alma D’Shikra, the world of illusion. That is one point of spiritual confusion. This is how much of the world is operating. Even many religious groups are not really operating beyond a materialistic viewpoint. This is […]

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