Angela Hamblin

The seven day juice fast is an authentic gentle and loving spiritual journey inward. The love and support from the Tree of Life Staff empowers you to go deep within. The experience of awakening the kundalini energy is exciting and humbling. The meditations, yoga, and shabbat open you even deeper on this mystical beautiful path of love and light. The surroundings are divine love and a pure pleasure. I am honored and greatful to be in love with my life and all of God’s creation as one. I am joyfully greateful for the divine and the entire staff at the Tree […]

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Daphne Myers

The 21-Day program is necessary for anyone who wants to jump start their life in the direction of fulfilling their purpose, or who wants meaning in their life.

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Fasting – the Ultimate Way to Reactivate the Youthing Gene Expression

Gene Expression

An excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Spiritual Nutrition Fasting, particularly Spiritual Fasting, which diminishes the physical stresses of excess food, along with emotional stresses, psychological stresses, spiritual stresses, and environmental stresses, is the optimal set- ting for activating the youthing genes. Fasting is an accelerated form of calorie restriction, and the results we see are in complete alignment with Dr. Spindler’s calorie restriction research findings and the findings of other researchers (see Chapter 22). The author’s first insight into activating the youthing gene expression began with his observations in 1988. It was the transformation he saw in people during the first […]

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