A New Look at Transitioning from Eating Flesh Food

Dr. Cousens' New Recommendations On Meat

Photo credit: Tambako It is unusual for me, as a live-food vegan, to comment on the selection of which flesh foods to eat as one transitions to a plant-based cuisine. However, in my book Conscious Eating I make it clear that a transition process to a live-food, vegan diet may both happen immediately but often over a few months to a few years. I used to recommend in this transition that people first give up red meat. But since that time the environment (in particular, since the Fukushima catastrophe) has shifted the discussion. The radiation from Fukushima has contaminated many […]

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Japan, Radiation, And Health And Spiritual Implications

Dear Ones, As prophesized and actualized, we are in a period of earth changes as demonstrated by the major 8.9 quake that shook Japan, with all its potential radioactive consequences that may effect the whole world.  These radioactive dangers include not only radioactive I-131, cesium 137, and potassium 40-42, but also the potential of one of the reactors being a plutonium run.  This would be far more dangerous than I-131 and cesium 137.  A full plutonium reactor meltdown could kill a significant amount of the Japanese population.  Unfortunately it is not clear if plutonium is being used in one of […]

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Radiation Update From Dr. Cousens’

Since sending out my comprehensive radiation blog on March 28th, events have continued to unfold.  While it is very difficult to get accurate radiation exposure information from the media, no news does not mean radiation exposure is not happening.  Authorities have now decided that this event is no longer equivalent to the Three Mile Island incident (a category 5), but that the event has been upgraded to the highest level, a level 7 disaster, which is the worst level, and at least on the par with Chernobyl.  The Fukushima complex actually has at least six nuclear reactors and six fuel […]

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