Scientific Support for Collective Meditation-Prayer

The following is an excerpt for Dr. Cousen’s book Creating Peace by Being Peace The Peace Every Day Initiative has been deeply inspired and validated by many scientific research projects that clearly demonstrate the power and effectiveness of group meditation-prayer for creating peace. The idea that a critical mass of meditators being peace in a specific population area can create positive social change has been supported by more than 300 studies. For example, in 1973, Dilbeck and Associates found in twenty-two similar cities,with populations of approximately 25,000, in half of those cities, where 1 percent of the population was practicing […]

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Radiation Meditation

RADIATION MEDITATION Visualizing and Feeling the Cellular Knowing of the Transmutation of Radiation into the Light of Consciousness THE INTENTION The intention of this visualization, feeling, and knowing is to transmute the light of radiation into the light of Consciousness.  It is an intention of transmuting and nullifying the dark force behind the radiation as well as the radiation itself into an energy that will accelerate global spiritual evolution and enlightenment.  In a variation of understanding the principle that what we send out with our thoughts returns to us multiplied, the darkness of the radiation that has been sent out, […]

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