Eros and Intimacy (Part 5)

What are we to do in order to reestablish Sacred Relationship as the center, as a key path to knowing the Divine and activating the planetary consciousness into the peace of experiencing the Divine Presence? In the Kabbalistic paradigm, it is As Above, so Below; so Below, as Above.” When a man (male essence, which may be a physical male or female) and a woman (female essence, which may be a physical male or female) make love, they are invoking the Divine. When Abba and Ima face each other, there is a healing on the cosmic plane, which then becomes […]

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Eros and Intimacy (Part 3)

The female essence needs one thing: to know it’s loved. If the male essence does not communicate to the female that she is loved, things don’t work so well. What the male essence needs is to know that it is succeeding and not failing. The difference in needs causes the male and female essences to communicate on different levels. All communication—in relationship, in lovemaking, and in everyday life—has to hold these messages. This is what we call meta-communication. By understanding these essences, we can give and receive in a way that uplifts the other person and allows space for than […]

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The Essence Of Life

From a spiritual perspective the essence of life is moksha. People struggle keeping focused on what life is really all about. Why are we here? What are we doing? It’s so easy to get so caught up in our work dharma that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  It is as if life is one big heyoka – trickster. We’re always being tricked into thinking that what we are doing is what it’s all about, rather than seeing the big picture. The big picture is that there is only God. We must organize our lives around this single point. We must […]

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Becoming Aligned With The Will Of God

You’ve heard the phrase, “Let thy will be my will.” How do we get there? Dr. Cousens shares insights on character development, service, and how we can experience more joy and meaning in our lives through divine alignment.