Cycles of Global Cooling and Warming – What Is Going On!

This is an in-depth article on the cycles of climate change. The intent for this extensive essay is to provide those that are ready with a deeper, science-based analysis on the issue. What Is Going On! There is overwhelming evidence that global warming has happened. The question addressed in this article is, in 2017 (after 58 peer reviewed papers were published in the first six months of the year clearly indicating that we’re no longer in a global warming cycle) is global warming still happening or does the science now suggest that we are moving into a cycle of global […]

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Perspectives On Global Warming

At the Juice Fast to Stop Global Warming hosted by Agape International Spiritual Center in L.A, 90% of the fasters committed to being vegan. The key thing to understand is that we are really in severe imbalance with the planet, and there is one main cause.  It is called animal agriculture. This main cause is the big cow in the middle of the living room of the environmentalists. If you look very closely, the environmentalists in the US are all talking about carbon dioxide as the big problem.  No one mentions animal agriculture.  Now there are reasons for that, which […]

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