At the core of the Tree of Life mission, spirituality is woven into all aspects of the transition and transformation process. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), DD, continues a lineage that stretches back to the great enlightenment traditions. Spiritual lineage is “the line of spiritual gurus in authentic succession of initiation, the chain of mystical power and authorized continuity, passed from Teacher to Teacher.” A Spiritual Master is someone who has realized the deepest truths, reached the highest levels of attainment, and now embodies the essence of that Understanding in their life.

Our guests come with various levels of spiritual intent and understanding. Whether you are just beginning to explore your spirituality, have a more profound understanding, or simply want to transition to a healthier lifestyle, you will find support here. Our mission is to help you recalibrate and refine your life choices. Ultimately all paths lead to your spiritual unfolding. We are here to provide support, encouragement, and tools to quicken each one’s process that impacts and is reflected in all aspects of your life.