Soul Connection

The Essenes taught soul power and becoming the depth of who we are.  When we follow current events, it appears that many have lost their root and their connection with their soul.  Within the last 50 years we can see that the divorce rates have doubled, teen suicides have tripled, crime has quadrupled, the amount of people in jail is 5 times higher, and depression is 10 times higher.  The United States is the biggest purveyor and exporter of pornography in the world.  Drug use in the United States is highest in the world, and so forth.  To me, this suggests that there is a problem.   There is something fundamental that is disconnected.

From the Essene point of view, it isn’t a political issue.  It is an issue of putting your soul at the center of your life as what’s primary, rather than money, power, sex, or any other number of things. It is an issue of not succumbing to politically correct social programing and consciously choosing to live in a way that helps you to connect with your soul.

People are feeling an alienation from their soul.  This is what is strongly suggested in the symptom statistics that I listed.  People feel a painful emptiness and, for a variety of reasons, are afraid to go underneath that emptiness to make the connection to soul.  The question really is how do we begin to create a lifestyle that supports our connection to soul.  This is the crux of healing the sense of alienation in the United States and around the world.

There is a need to create a lifestyle that helps us to stay connected rather than alienated from our soul.  This challenge is a question that is not publicly addressed.  It is harder and harder for people to stay on track – to stay soul-connected.

Perhaps the most important part of the solution is intention.  If you don’t know that there is a problem, then it is hard to know how to resolve it.  The alienation often appears when the soul-energy isn’t the intention and yet one can feel that something is wrong so there are attempts made to feel alive.  This sometimes takes people into dark side activities to feel alive.      

The most important thing is to start with is the intention of the soul-connection with God as the center of one’s life and to live one’s life with the connection to God as primary.   Honoring all of the traditions, we have the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace as a model for this.  This adds up to thirteen.  The significance of thirteen is inner peace, unity consciousness, and love.  Those are energies that help end the alienation.

The Six Foundations include:

1) Spiritual Nutrition and Fasting.  This is plant-sourced foods, at least 80% being live food.  This helps with achieving a certain awareness

2) Building life-force energy, otherwise known as chi, nefesh, or prana.  Practices include yoga, pranayama, Tai Chi, Qigong, and sacred dance.

3) Service and Charity.  In yoga, we call this karma yoga.  That is slightly different.  It is an elevated way of understanding service and charity.  This means that your service is an act that is done without the intention of receiving a pay-off. This is giving without expecting in return.  This is different from the teachings of some religious organizations that teach giving in order to receive a 5- or 10-fold return.  The trouble with this is that it is a business deal.  When giving happens in this way, the energies are undermined.  Deeper teachings about tithing, are that 10% of one’s income is a protection from the dark side.  This is why the Essenes taught that tithing is actually more like 20%.   

4) Connection with a Spiritual Teacher upon readiness.   This helps with the process of Viveka, trying to understand the difference between what is real and unreal.  We have the absolute reality, with God at the center and the temporary reality with money, power, sex, control, etc. at the center.  There is a big difference.  This also helps with developing Varaigya, the yogic term for the ability to see the Divine in everyone equally despite our different roles responsibilities.

This is illustrated by an old story called the Lord’s Club.   Shiva, Vishnu, Ramayana, and the other lords all got together and although they were all equals there needed to be someone to be the phone operator, someone needed to take out the garbage, etc.  So they would each take on a role and then rotate at different lifetimes.  The Lord’s club teaches us that everyone is Divine and yet we all have a different roles; this is equal vision.   

5) Sacred Silence.  This is mediation, repetition of mantra, prayer, and chanting.  These practices take us inward.

6) As much Shaktipat as possible.  Shaktipat is the decent of grace to awaken the kundalini energy.  This is the power of the Divine that takes you to the Divine. It starts with involution, going inward.  The cosmic force comes down and condenses slightly below the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine.  When there is enough energy it is released and it begins to flow through the subtle energy systems called the nadis, ultimately bringing you back into oneness.   Shaktipat is the energy that can awaken that process.  Ramana MaHarshi, Rama Krisna, and Swami Muktananda, all would teach that spiritual life has not even begun until the Kundalini has been awakened.   

The Sevenfold Peace includes:  1) Peace with the Body and 2) Peace with the Mind lead to 3) Peace with the Family; 4) Peace with the Community; 5) Peace with all of the Cultures, including the sprouting ones, the rock people, the four-legged creatures, the flying ones, etc.; 6) Peace with the Ecology; and 7) Peace with God.  When all of the thirteen are brought together we activate the power of our soul and the alienation naturally fades.  These are all aspects of a lifestyle that opens you up to a deep soul power.  May everybody be blessed with that.