What You Get in Our Program

  • Spiritual Awakening

    Experience daily Shaktipat Meditation with Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD as well as an Inipi (Native American Sweat Lodge) and 3 meditations daily. Shanti Cousens will also teach you 5 TriYoga and pranayama (breath work) classes. In addition to this, participants in the program are encouraged to practice a Day of Silence.
  • Classes and Discussions

    Learn key aspects of a holistic lifestyle from Rabbi Cousens, MD on topics such as Holistic Spiritual Veganism, Sacred Relationships, Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating, Why Live Foods and Individualizing Your Diet. You will also receive a day of Food Preparation Classes with the Tree of Life’s Master Chefs.
  • Organic Food and Juices

    During the program you receive, four 16 oz low glycemic, organic, green juices per day,unlimited fresh-pressed wheatgrass juice grown with Ocean Minerals and Effective Microorganisms, and 3 days of 100% Organic, plant-source-only, low-glycemic, raw (live) food, gourmet meals at the world renowned Tree of Life Cafe.
  • Fasting Pack

    Your Fasting Pack includes skin brush, enema bag, Genuine Enzyme Powder, Ultra Probiotic formula, Gem flower elixir, Tachyon fasting elixir, Triphala, 1 oz Sesame oil, Tongue scraper, NCD, Crystal energy – a $327 value!

Additional Program Features

  • Support

    Welcome Gathering and Introduction to the program and fasting

    Daily group check-ins with Dr. Cousens, MD

    Medical support from the Tree of Life medical staff throughout your fast

    Social support. Spend time with like-minded guests and a staff.

    Access to the Tree of Life Wellness Spa

  • Body

    Nature & Hiking Trails

    Far Infrared Saunas

    Chlorine-Free Hot Tubs

    Salt Water Swimming Pool (unheated)

  • Lifestyle

    Holistic Lifestyle Immersion – immerse yourself in a healing and supportive environment without the distractions or temptations of the outer world. The whole experience is orientated around enduring radiant health and spiritual growth.

    Eco-Therapy. Spending time close to nature is a healing force all of its own. The Tree of Life experience takes you back to basics.

    Digital Detox (if you so choose). There are no TVs at the Tree of Life, and we offer wireless internet only in one building.



  • Private: Ecocasitas – Included

    • 8 Single Occupancy Rooms
    • 4 Shared Bathrooms
    • Outdoor Kitchen Area
    • 2 Infrared Saunas
    • Short walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks
  • Private: Orchard House – Included

    • 4 Guest Rooms w/ Twin Beds
    • Shared Living Room
    • Kitchen (no stove)
    • Laundry Room
    • 15 minute walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks


  • Private: Ecocasitas Plus – Upgrade

    • 2 Additional Rooms, each with a Queen Bed and Private Bath
    • $45/night Additional Cost
  • Private: Garden House – Upgrade

    • 2 Guest Rooms with a Queen Bed and Full Private Bath
    • Shared Living Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room and Infrared Sauna
    • Garden House Room 1: $85/night additional cost – single or double occupancy
    • Garden House Room 2 (larger): $100/night additional cost – single or double occupancy
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  • The seven day juice fast is an authentic gentle and loving spiritual journey inward. The love and support from the Tree of Life Staff empowers you to go deep within. The experience of awakening the kundalini energy is exciting and humbling. The meditations, yoga, and shabbat open you even deeper on this mystical beautiful path of love and light. The surroundings are divine love and a pure pleasure. I am honored and greatful to be in love with my life and all of God's creation as one. I am joyfully greateful for the divine and the entire staff at the Tree of Life for such a profound loving experience.

    Angela H.
  • If you want a structured, supportive detox program with a spiritual component to it, go to the Tree of Life.

  • I have done fasting, yoga, & meditation before, but never on the level of competence and integrity that Dr. Cousens and his staff have designed. Medical, emotional and spiritual concerns are addressed here in one fully integrated, lovingly supportive program.

    Galina R.

Program Price

  • Save $200 when you signup 2 months before the start of the program!

  • Save $100 when you signup 1 month before the start of the program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a pre-registration approval process that allows our medical staff to review each individual’s health history to determine if our program, lifestyle, and environment are a good fit for your unique needs. To request approval to attend a program, please submit a completed Health Intake Form (HIF) for review by our medical staff. A Tree of Life Center US Program Consultant will contact you once the review is complete to provide you with the outcome of the review and assist you with registration.

This question can be addressed through the Health Intake Form (HIF). Administrative staff at the Tree of Life are not qualified to answer medical question(s).

The green juice drink served during our fasts generally consists of approximately 80% cucumber & celery and 20% other greens such as sprouts and greens from our garden.

Programs include meals or juices for fasters, accommodations, and all events that we hold here during that time period.

What is not included in the price?

Three things that are good to budget for (and not included) are spa services, airport transportation/rental cars, and store items.

Please visit our FAQ section for additional questions.