Rabbi Gabriel Cousens,MDThe spiritual mission of the Modern Essenes is clearly emerging. The Modern Essene role is being defined by the Divine will of helping the planet, its people, and the environment come into a healthy spiritual balance. This program is open to everyone interested in or curious about the Modern Essene lifestyle.

We will be talking about the Modern Essenes in relationship to the energies of individual and planetary evolution today. The focus is not about healthy survival for self alone, but taking the planet to its next evolutionary state through going deeper into alignment.  It is time for the Modern Essenes to move into educative-focused activity for shifting the consciousness of the planet.

Led by Master Essene Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D(H), D.D., Master Essene intuitive Kevin Ryerson, and Priests and Priestesses.

 What you get at the Modern Essene Gathering

  • Shaktipat Meditation with Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.
  • Daily lectures by Rabbi Cousens. These may include:
    – Essene History
    – Role of the Modern Essenes
    – Essene Kabbalah
    – Torah and Essene Enlightenment Teachings
    – Spiritual Nutrition
  • Daily Channeling with Master Essene Intuitive Kevin Ryerson
  • Small group lectures with Rabbi Cousens and Kevin Ryerson Connection with a familial and spiritual community
  • 4 Nights/5 Days included accommodations (see description of included accommodations below)
  • 3 raw organic vegans meals a day


Additional Program Features

  • Body

    Yoga or Qi Gong Classes 5 Days a week.

    Nature & Hiking Trails

    Far Infrared Sauna

    Chlorine-Free Hot Tubs

    Salt Water Swimming Pool (unheated)

  • Mind

    Daily informal discussions on varied subjects that support your transition and transformation

    Conscious Eating Food Prep Classes

  • Spirit

    Morning and Evening Meditation

    Satsang (Spiritual Q&A), Kirtan (Devotional Chanting) or other Spiritual Programs

    Shaktipat Initiation (Friday Evenings)

    Spiritual Teachings from the Yoga, Kabbalah, and Native American Traditions

  • Nutrition

    100% Organic (no-exceptions!), plant-source-only, raw (live) food, gourmet meals at the world renowned Tree of Life Cafe.

    Unlimited Wheatgrass Grown with Ocean Minerals and Effective Microorganisms

  • Lifestyle

    Holistic Lifestyle Immersion.Immerse yourself in a healing and supportive environment without distractions.

    Weekly Sprouting Class (learn to grow your own sprouts and wheatgrass)

    Tour of Tree of Life Sprout House

    Experience life at a leading plant-source only holistic center. How do people that live this way live? What products do they use? How does it work for them?

  • Wellness

    Eco-Therapy. Spending time close to nature is a healing force all of its own. The Tree of Life experience takes you back to basics.

    Digital Detox (if you so choose). There are no TVs at the Tree of Life, and we offer wireless internet only in one building.

    Access to the Tree of Life Wellness Spa



  • Ecocasitas – Included

    • 8 Single Occupancy Rooms
    • 4 Shared Bathrooms
    • Outdoor Kitchen Area
    • 2 Infrared Saunas
    • Short walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks
  • Orchard House – Included

    • 4 Guest Rooms w/ Twin Beds
    • Shared Living Room
    • Kitchen (no stove)
    • Laundry Room
    • 15 minute walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks


  • Ecocasitas Plus – Upgrade

    • 2 Additional Rooms, each with a Queen Bed and Private Bath
    • $45/night Additional Cost
  • Garden House – Upgrade

    • 2 Guest Rooms with a Queen Bed and Full Private Bath
    • Shared Living Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room and Infrared Sauna
    • Garden House Room 1: $85/night additional cost – single or double occupancy
    • Garden House Room 2 (larger): $100/night additional cost – single or double occupancy
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We have developed a pre-registration approval process that allows our medical staff to review each individual’s health history to determine if our program, lifestyle, and environment are a good fit for your unique needs. To request approval to attend a program, please submit a completed Health Intake Form (HIF) for review by our medical staff. A Tree of Life Center US Program Consultant will contact you once the review is complete to provide you with the outcome of the review and assist you with registration.