Rabbi Gabriel Cousens,MD

9th Annual Living Essene Gathering

September 14-17, 2018

Led by Master Essene Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D(H), D.D., and Priests and Priestesses, this gathering is designed to give optimal support for living a spiritually awake life in the midst of chaos in a way that helps our society return to God. This 9th Living Essene Gathering is inspired by the revolutionary, counter-cultural energy of the prophet Elijah expressed at the time of Queen Jezebel and King Ahab! (I Kings 16:29-II Kings 2:18)

The challenge of Elijah was to create the way of being of the righteous who lived in the days of apostasy. It is exactly what we face today. In the days of Elijah, biblical faith was a counter-cultural phenomenon, where paganism, Satanism, and Baal worship were normal. In the days of Elijah, faith became prophetic, and that is the challenge that will be the theme of this year’s Living Essene Gathering. The essential question we face is “How do we live in a way that reawakens and supports consciousness, morality, ethics, our deep soul connection, and brings back the way of God and spiritual liberation in our culture?”

This 9th gathering in these chaotic times is extremely important for healing ourselves and society so I strongly encourage your participation.
Rav Gabriel Cousens

This Year’s Theme

This year’s 9th Annual Living Essene Gathering will focus on the theme of “The Elijah Energy”. The Living Essene Way, which will be shared, is a path of liberation through the eternal journey of Lekh Lekha (“Go to the Self”) [Gen. 12:1]. According to the great historian Josephus, the Essenes were “champions of faith, truth, and honesty… as the servants and arbitrators of peace”. These qualities are much needed in today’s chaotic, confused, and morally and ethically relative world and must be grounded into everyday reality by the “lekh lekha” teaching of Abraham who walked before Hashem as a blessing to the world.

The Living Essene Way, as taught by Rabbi Gabriel, is a complete liberation path and lineage that goes back approximately 6,000 years. The path was activated by Enoch, the seventh generation from Adam, who was taken up liberated and alive. His essential teaching was “Be still and know that I am That.” Based on Enoch’s example, the Essenes are both the B’nei Aliyah (Children of Ascension)and B’nei Netzach (Children of Eternity).

This Year’s Schedule

Friday Evening

The workshop will begin with a mikvah (ritual bath) followed by a Shamanic Kabbalat Shabbat Ceremony led by Essene Rabbi Gabriel Cousens and Essene Priestess Shanti Golds Cousens. Rav Gabriel will also facilitate Haniha Meditation. Haniha is the energetic meditation for awakening the Ruach HaKodesh (a.k.a. Holy Spirit or Kundalini).

The morning of days 1, 2, and 3 will include the basics of the Ophanim, which is part of implanting the Seal of God on our “face” and KaliRay Tri-yoga lead by Priestess Shanti and Rav Gabriel.


On Saturday, a public Torah reading and parshah discussion will be followed by small group discussions lead by the priests and priestesses. Saturday afternoon will be an introduction to the Living Essene Way, followed by small group discussions lead by the Essene Priests and Priestesses. Saturday evening, before Havdalah, there will be a Haniha Meditation, followed by a general discussion of the day lead by Rav Gabriel.


On Sunday morning, Rav Gabriel will present a Torah-based understanding of veganism, followed by small group sessions led by the priests and priestesses, followed by a one-hour Haniha Meditation. On Sunday afternoon, Rav Gabriel will speak on the topic of Putting On the Seal of God, a revolutionary act of sealing our soul with the Divine Spirit as a defense against the Mark of the Beast and the swelling energies of hatred that are coursing strong through our current age.


The overall point of Day 3 is to empower the Essene students with an understanding of the Elijah Energy – a staunch commitment to the Truth in the face of “politically correct secular thought control” efforts that attempt to block us from being part of the emerging Messianic era.  The program will conclude with Haniha meditation.

Additional Program Features

  • Body

    Live, Vegan Food Available for an Additional Cost

    Daily TriYoga® and Ophanim classes

  • Mind

    Immerse yourself in a supportive, holistic environment without distractions.

    Daily Talks by Senior Essene Teacher Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

    Group breakout sessions led by Essene Priests and Priestesses

  • Spirit

    Daily Haniha Meditation

    Liberation Spiritual Teaching from the Bible

    Shamaic Kabbalat Shabbat Ceremony led by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens & Essene Priestess Shanti Golds Cousens

Program Price


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