10th Annual Living Essene Gathering

October 3rd-6th, 2019

We invite you to the 10th Annual Living Essene Gathering, October 3-6. It’s a 3-day workshop and is the last planned Essene gathering. The theme for this year’s gathering is a powerful Essene teaching – Be the Light in the Darkness. Based on the teachings of Genesis 12:6 – “Whatever occurred to the ancestors is a sign for us today.”We’ll examine the struggles of Elijah to bring light to his time against the forces of darkness played out by Ahab and Jezebel in the 8th/9th century BC.

We’ll also explore the Channukah teachings of the victorious struggle of the Jewish people, including the Essenes, against the Greco-Syrian Emperor, Antiochus Epiphanes, to move Jewish civilization from pure to impure, against the natural teachings of the Torah. Under this ruler, Torah study and Shabbat celebration was outlawed under penalty of death. Those who chose to do God’s will were forced into the fringe in the mountains, as they were labeled as immoral and trouble makers. This, of course, fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah 20:5, where up is down, and down is up; where wicked is considered good, and good is considered wicked; where bitter is called sweet, and sweet is called bitter. Ultimately creating a culture where the profane lifestyle is considered holy.

The Maccabees defeated Antiochus in 164 BC. Hannukah celebrates the rededication to the Temple, bringing purity and holiness back into the world. This workshop will address the playing out of this prophetic struggle in our modern-day culture and will empower the attendees with this energy to survive and share the light in this profane culture. Teachings will also cover Torah veganism and the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace and the importance of sacred community during these complex and difficult times. There will also be 2 Haniha/Shaktipat meditations each day and much discussion time for inspiration led by Gabriel Cousens, MD. This will be the most insightfully and spiritually epic gathering than ever before.

Additional Program Features

  • Body

    Live, Vegan Food Available for an Additional Cost

    Daily TriYoga® and Ophanim classes

  • Mind

    Immerse yourself in a supportive, holistic environment without distractions.

    Daily Talks by Senior Essene Teacher Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

    Group breakout sessions led by Essene Priests and Priestesses

  • Spirit

    Daily Haniha Meditation

    Liberation Spiritual Teaching from the Bible

    Shamaic Kabbalat Shabbat Ceremony led by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens & Essene Priestess Shanti Golds Cousens

Program Price


*Food OR Lodging NOT INCLUDED in this price

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