Quieting & Transcending the Mind

We’ve been talking about the whole idea of power and the spiritual power that comes from following the dharma and being that light. It is like that in the sense that we have the dharma of being the light to the world, especially when there is a struggle as to which way the world is going to go. There is another level, which is one’s personal dharma, or mission in the world. How many people feel actively aligned with their life mission? It is not the easiest thing to come into this alignment. It is finding one’s sacred design instead of the cookie-cutter/ common core curriculum mind-set that we have today. In the past, elders would tune in to what each child was meant to be. They saw each person as the unique expression of the Divine. The child was then trained in that direction. An important part of the heart wisdom to take the overall understanding and to bring it down into the heart. It is through this interface between the heart and the mind that we begin to access the unconscious. Through the unconscious we make contact with the Source. The heart-wisdom is our contact with Source and also the faith to follow what your dharma is, based on your inner experience supports the connection with Source. Again the overall dharma is to be a light to the world, but what is your individual dharma in that story? For some this dharma question isn’t so clear, for others this is clear at an early age. The task is to tune into your individual dharma and then to live in a way that supports that physically, emotionally, mentally, and obviously spiritually. The Six Foundations are meant to support the heart wisdom by quieting the mind. When the mind is quiet then we go deep into the unconscious.

The Six Foundations include:

  1. Spiritual Fasting and Spiritual Nutrition are eating in a way to become a super- conductor of the Divine.
  2. Building the Chi/ life force through yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Prana Yama, etc.
  3. Service and Charity open your heart and bring you to a deeper understanding and connection with humanity.
  4. Working with a spiritual teacher, working towards Vairagya (a yogic terms meaning equal vision) and Viveka being able to tell the difference between the absolute reality and the temporal reality as the walk between the bli’mah and the mah (the Something and the Nothing). This requires a lot of courage and a lot of sensitivity.
  5. Sacred Silence: meditation, prayer, mantra repetition, time in nature, sacred dance, chanting
  6. Getting as much Shaktipat (descent of grace) as possible.

Where does this all go? These foundations are all about quieting the mind and transcending the mind. Quieting and transcending the mind is the end part of the yogic path, but it is only the beginning of liberation. After that is really where yoga begins if you look at it as an eightfold path, which ends with merging into the Nothing. One has to go beyond the mind and, in the final step, Samadhi, and then into the permanence of what we call Sahaja Samadhi, which is being awake in the midst of your daily activities – This is Liberation. There are different forms of Samadhi, disappearing into the void (Nirvakalpa Samadhi) and disappearing into the light (Sankalpa Samadhi). These are experiences that some may have along the way. Sanatana Dharma is the natural way of living that leads you to liberation. Being lived by the Six Foundations is Sanatana Dharma. Swarupa is when you get it -when you wake up, but this doesn’t mean you give up the natural way of living, because this is the foundation that keeps reinforcing that. Heart-wisdom then is what comes from quieting the mind to transcend the mind. It’s beyond the intellect. It is more the direct knowing. This is more where yoga is going once we’ve quieted the mind.

The other thing about heart wisdom that is important is that it is our natural inheritance. To know God is the most primordial drive of humanity, more so than the sexual drive or the death instinct that Freud theorized about. Our deepest primordial instinct is to return to the One. Part of the heart wisdom is having the wisdom to know that that is the alignment. The death instinct is not the deepest instinct but is alignment with merging with the One in a sense (metaphorically dying into the nothing). Literal death isn’t necessarily the way to merge with the One but it appears to be in that direction. Merging with the One is not dying. We don’t want to get those mixed up. When I say merging with the One, I am talking about when you are alive; the sanatana dharma, yet die into the Nothing, at least temporarily.

May everybody be blessed with the natural heart wisdom that takes you beyond the mind into the deeper truth.