Quiet, Strengthen, and Transcend Your Mind

Throughout history, one of the most important aspects of spiritual life is the ability to protect one’s mind. According to the Biblical tradition, Nimrod, the “capturer of souls”, claimed to be a god. Abraham confronted him and told him that he was neither omnipotent nor a god. Abraham asked him to prove his omnipotence by making the sun rise in the west. Obviously, Nimrod couldn’t do that, but this was an example of mind-control. Another example of mind-control in scripture is of Jacob defeating Laban, the darkest magician of the whole Middle East. Jacob studied with Shem and Eber and prepared in spiritual practice for fourteen years before he could take him on.

In the yogic tradition, there are great teachings dating back thousands of years. The great enlightened being of the sixth century, Shankaracharya, taught varaigya – to see God equally in all people, and viveka – the ability to discriminate between the temporal reality and the cosmic reality. This is all about controlling the mind.

Shatsampatti is the six treasures of the mind. Those six treasures have to do with the general control of the mind, control of the senses, and control of mental focus, so that one doesn’t get caught up in the pairing of opposites and is able to see that they are all one. Mental endurance, focus, and faith in the Divine all appear to be different strengths, but they are all one thing only – refining and strengthening the mind so that it cannot be stolen. This great and ancient tradition is talking about this.

Here we are today with current politics. It was a little bit different years ago because we didn’t have the media’s constant input. One could be in a forest, and there are still places such as the Tree of Life Center US that are somewhat set apart. The point is our ability to be able to control our minds. In yoga we say Yoga Chiti Vritti Nirodha, which means yoga is quieting the activities of the mind. This is step one. The second step in yoga is to go beyond the mind. That is called Sahaja Samadhi, where one enters I Am-ness and the light and then later into the darkness.

The other day I was writing a preface for a book on Taoist masters and tonic herbs. The Taoist masters understood that one couldn’t herbalize one’s way to God or eat one’s way to God, but the tonic herbs help us to reconnect with the natural and cosmic rhythms. They also increase what we call the heart shin, or our spiritual connection with God. This also includes qigong, breathing exercises, and meditation. This is all to quiet the mind, gain control of the mind, and then go beyond the mind. The Six Foundations are the fundamentals in all the great traditions.

Going back four thousand years ago to Nimrod, the capturer of souls, we ask the same question today, How do we protect our soul? Firstly, we must move from a noisy, crude mind to a quiet mind. The key is connecting to our souls. That is what protects our minds. We talk about Nimrod who enslaved people, capturing their souls, and, obviously, this is what the one-world-government is also attempting. There is nothing new under the sun. This identical theme has been repeating for thousands of years. There is nothing new here with the globalists, and there is nothing new in the way that we protect ourselves. We quiet the mind and strengthen the mind, so that we can go beyond the mind. That is the essential foundation for spiritual life in all these great traditions.

May everybody be blessed with the ability to quiet the mind, strengthen the mind, and ultimately transcend the mind. Amen.