The essence of the Tree of Life’s culinary approach, as outlined in Dr. Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, is to eat in a way that enhances the entire web of life on the planet and supports one’s spiritual evolution. This philosophy is embodied in every meal served at the cafe as well as in our renowned live-food training programs.

The fine-tuned result of Dr. Cousens’ position as the leading live-food medical authority and his forty plus years of clinical experience is a sattvic/kedusha, vegan, organic, live-food, high-mineralized, low-sugar, individualized diet, eaten in moderation, with adequate pure living water hydration, and intermittent Spiritual Fasting.

Our live food workshops teach you how to make delicious meals out of the highest quality ingredients on the planet and empower you to take this information home with you to share with those around you.

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Women’s Hormonal Wellness Retreat

September 2nd-9th, 2017 Do you experience any of the following? Mood swings or Irritability            Hot Flashes            Weight Gain             Sugar or Salt cravings Night Sweats            Loss of Libido             Vaginal Dryness            Hair loss or thinning This retreat is for you! Why Chinese Medicine? Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine with its own forms of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapies. Chinese Medicine addresses hormonal balancing from a different perspective than […]

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Expanding Culinary Joy

Expanding Culinary Joy is the second course of the Conscious Eating Instructional Series. It expands upon the basics of rainbow green live-food cuisine preparation with guided hands-on training. Here, the art of live-food preparation is fine-tuned in this fun and interactive course. Under the guidance of  expert Tree of Life instructors, your lessons will cover a wide spectrum of recipes from entrees, snacks, desserts, nut milks and more!  By the end of the retreat you will have mastered the skills needed to be a confident, graceful raw food chef. Many people take this program to broaden their personal culinary repertoire. The […]

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Conscious Eating

The Tree of Life’s Conscious Eating course is internationally acclaimed as one of the most holistic, comprehensive live-food training programs available. Here you will learn about the tools and skills needed to create a plant-based lifestyle, discover the art of living food and the simplicity of creating delicious meals that are full of vitality and healing. Consuming a diet comprised of plant based live foods is associated with the improvement of many diseases including diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and many more. Making compassionate food choices is profoundly powerful in promoting peace with self and with the ecology […]