Though all Tree of Life programs provide experiential education through immersion in a holistic and spiritually connected way of life, our certificate and degree programs take this educational experience to the next level.

Cousens School of Holistic Wellness (CSHW) programs provide life-enriching tools and information that, with application, can be used to transform lives, bringing peace to the world. Whether on-site or through our distance learning education, our programs are designed to ignite true awakening of consciousness and realization of one’s divinely sacred purpose.

Illuminating the physical, mental, spiritual and global aspects of health and nutrition, CSHW features several programs.

Tree of Life Cafe Chef Apprenticeship (6 month on-site program)
Masters Intensive (month long on-site program)
Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program (distance learning and on-site program)
Modern Essene Priesthood Program (distance learning and on-site program)

There is a growing need for individuals trained and rooted in the Holistic Culture of Life and Liberation to lead the way to an empowering and healthy existence.

Embrace the practice of receiving in order to share. Bring this priceless knowledge into your life, the lives of your families and your communities. Through education, compassion and committed action, we become ambassadors of consciousness and peace to the world. This is what we offer to you through Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness…the opportunity to explore these rich and abundant possibilities together. We look forward to seeing you!
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Holistic Wellness Lecture Series

  Your Last Chance to Attend This Life Changing Program August 11th   –   August 18th, 2017 Led by Dr. Cousens, Dr. Liliane Papin, DOM and Neil Z. Miller. This lecture series intensively addresses physical and mental health issues in the context of our current culture that has resulted in a plague of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADHD and depression. Drawing from Dr. Cousens 40+ years of experience as a holistic physician, family therapist and psychiatrist the causes such as diet, chemical imbalances, vaccinations, toxicity, radiation and electromagnetic pollution are explored. Workable solutions to restore health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual […]