Product B – Continuation of Special Report


In my forty years of clinical experience, working with a variety of products, nutraceuticals, supplements, herbs, and a variety of technologies, I have never seen or experienced anything like Product B. It appears to be truly a breakthrough into a new era. I like to call it Product Brilliant.  Research has been done throughout the world for centuries to find the secret of youth.   This addresses the rebuilding of the foundation of our physical existence.

Since my first communication on this product, several months ago, many people have taken the product with a wide range of beneficial results, from benefiting those challenged with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, to others with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood sugar showing their blood sugar levels reduced and having less need for their insulin injections. Those with pains within their bodies are finding relief, many having higher vitality levels and better sleep patterns.  Some are finding their skin becoming smoother, and in a few instances their hair growing back.  Some of these experiences are included later in this communication.

Product B appears to lengthen Telomeres.  It is theorized that it activates what we call promoters, which activate the transcription action.  This increases the production of telomerase and RNA.  This has not been formally proven yet, but is part of a general theoretical understanding of the situation.  It has been proven, however, that in vitro (meaning cells in a petri dish), Product B activates telomerase in less than 24 hours. There are some preliminary suggestions that this may also be true in vivo.  At the end of this discussion, aging is associated with shortened telomeres, and becoming more youthful is associated with increasing the telomere length.

Telomerase is an enzyme that lengthens telomeres.  Specifically, research has shown that the expression of the telomerase gene in aging cells, which have shortened telomeres, have been shown to produce an increase in telomere length, and also gene function associated with younger cells. The induction of telomerase activity seems to have the effect of re-adding telomeric sequences (TTAGGG) back to the telomeres, which not only increases the telomere length, but also increases the cell’s ability to replicate.  The cells with previously shortened telomeres, called senescent cells (cells no longer dividing and growing), gain the ability to again proliferate, no longer function as dead and dying cells, and participate as part of repaired tissue.

In the research I’ve seen, Product B has been shown to specifically increase the length of the shortened telomeres, which can happen quickly. In vitro, this may happen in less than 24 hours.  Remarkably, within a few weeks, or even a day or two, people seem to have dramatically positive rejuvenate responses to Product B.  It increases the average length of the shorter telomeres, which are most needed to bring the cells back into healthy function.  It is only when a telomere is short that it moves into dysfunctional gene expression and therefore aging.  It appears from the dramatic anecdotal stories at this point that this is happening quickly with many people.

What we are seeing is that telomere length is a predictor of the rate of mortality. The longer your telomeres at birth, the longer you are likely to live, depending upon your lifestyle. The lifestyle promoted by myself and The Tree of Life Center U.S. (including eating a low-glycemic, 80%-100% live food, plant sourced diet, meditation, time in nature, being in loving relationships, and living productively and fastidiously), slows telomere shortening.  This lifestyle, however, does not reverse telomere shortening, but by slowing the shortening we are able to further prolong qualities of extraordinary, enduring, radiant health.

Product B works on a different principle.  It appears to reverse telomere shortening. This is the breakthrough.  It is in this way the fountain of youth in a capsule.  It increases the average length of the shorter telomeres, which are most needed to bring the cells back into healthy function.  It is only when a telomere is short that it moves into dysfunctional gene expression, and therefore aging.

Clinical studies have yet to be done to prove the hypothesis that Product B is creating telomerase and thereby lengthening telomeres. We do however see some dramatic anecdotes that are exciting.  I have reviewed many of these anecdotal stories, a few of which follow further within this blog communication.

When I sum up the many anecdotal statements, I see:

  1. Increased clarity and brain power, cognition and memory, better mental focus and increased inner peace.
  2. Increased endurance, energy, and strength, with some claiming up to 25% more.
  3. Major relief from chronic pain and inflammation and joint pain, which seems quite dramatic.
  4. Skin Changes, including the reversal of liver spots on the hands.
  5. Hair and nail growth, with some accounts of hair darkening.
  6. Reversal or slowing down of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.
  7. Improved digestion and bowel function. (Apparently, the lining in the small and large intestines, which is generally very regenerative, is quite improved with Product B.)
  8. Consistent pattern of reduced blood sugars toward normal.
  9. A consistent improvement in the depth and quality of sleep.

There appears to be no risk or toxicity involved, even though we are finding that a small minority of users have been allergic to one or more of the ingredients contained within the Product B formula, and therefore it is contra-indicated for them.

The Dispensary at The Tree of Life will be having a Sale of Product B for the next 10 days. The suggested retail cost is $99.00/bottle + shipping and sales tax.  During this sale there will be a 15% discount on orders of two bottles or more.  If you are interested in learning more about or obtaining Product B, please call the Tree of Life Dispensary at (520) 394-2520, extension 218, or email at:
For more information and/or to enroll to purchase Product B at the wholesale/distributor cost, please call Jason D. Groode at (800) 864-2362, or email at:

Blessings to your enduring health and spirit,
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H), DD,. ND (h.c.), American Board of Holistic Medicine, Dip. Ayurveda

Personal Experiences From Using Product B
Hi My father started with his Alzheimer medication 5 mg Aricept a day in December 2012. We did everything we could to reverse the disease: Detox, cleansing the blood vessels, omega 3 and coconut oil, general nutrition support and strengthening the immune system. However, we only managed to slow down the process. He gradually got less and less short term memory and became more tired. Work which had been easy before, became more difficult.   November 2013 he lost his driver licence. A sad day, both for him and the family. Scanning of his brain october 2013 showed damaged and dead brain cells. He had to increase to 10 mg Aricept a day. My siblings and I knew this could be the last Christmas we still had our good old dad, like we knew him. I have for a long time both prayed for help and visualized my dad as 85 years old, happy, well, good memory and having his driving licence. My siblings said: “Well, fine, one of us are optimistic, because in real life this cannot happen…”   Some weeks before Christmas I got an email about Product B, and Jason Groode shipped the product to me. Right after Christmas I sat down with my mum and dad and told them about Product B. My father started to take 2 capsules 2 times a day. After 3-4 days we noticed a positive difference in his attitude, he started to tidy up in the basement, had more energy and did not rest after breakfast like he used to do. He said: “It feels like my brain is awakening. And I wonder what I have really been doing these 2 last years?”. After just one week my dad’s memory loss was reversed by 1 year… And I noticed an optimistic attitude which I had not seen for the last 2-3 years.   He will use his Aricept medication until the doctor says he doesn’t need it any more. Within 12 months my father shall take a new brain scan. We hope this scan will show that he can get his driver licence back.   We believe my father reacted so quickly and well to Product B because his body was well prepared, cleansed and supported with good nutritional products. We think it is important to combine Product B with other products that can benefit the total health situation for each individual.
Gunn, Oslo, Norway

Beside the normal results like very deep sleep at night, Hugh increase in energy, I am now working 12 to 15 hours per day in my office without getting tired, I have not been able to do this in the last five years.  I do the shopping for the family and I went to Costco last week and walked around for over 1 hour and came back without laying down which has always been a requirement because I was so tired.  I am diabetic and I am on insulin, I started to notice that I am having many more episodes of low blood sugar.  It appears that Product B helps to lower your blood sugars so I have been cutting down the amount of insulin R I use before meals to prevent the low blood sugar readings.
Leon H

“When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others,”
Chinese proverb
The above quote is part of the electronic signature that goes out with every email sent by Jason Groode, a wonderful friend who my husband has had the honor of knowing since 1976. When Jason introduced my husband – a doctor of chiropractic medicine and nutritionist with over 30 years of clinical experience – to Product B, I was excited to try it. I had heard about the effects of telomerase on the longevity and vitality of lab animals for a few years now. Telomerase is an enzyme that re-builds and lengthens  telomeres, the sequence of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that shorten with age; this shortening in effect causes the symptoms and diseases that plaque us with old age. By increasing telomerase activity, Product B rejuvenates the body and brain.  So I knew this product was something special, but I had no idea how much it would change my body, mind, and life until just a few days after taking it.
Being an actress, I wish to keep my identity anonymous; I have always refused to do infomercials, and want to be known only for my work. I hope you understand, and that this will not deter you from reading my testimonial. The effects of this supplement have been so astounding, that I have put my family and small circle of close friends on Product B. The least I can do, in gratitude to Jason, and Isagenix, the lab that has created this miraculous product, is to share what it has done for my body and mind in just six weeks.
I am 45 years old, and had been living with physical pain for the past 4 years. I was taking pain meds almost every day just to be able to work (and sometimes simply to walk). Even my incredibly talented chiropractor husband could not make the pain go away.  The pain began 10 years or so ago, and would flair up from a few hours of physical activity.  The past 3 years it had gotten so bad, that the slightest bit of activity would set it off: gardening for 30 minutes, yoga (even gentle yoga), cleaning the house for 30 minutes, or just lying in a hard wood floor. For the past year I was actually waking up with pain. Becoming 100% gluten-free really helped turn the pain down, but any activity would bring it back up. To add insult to injury, I tore the meniscus in one knee and a tendon in the other simply from bending down into a squat on a couple occasions (once while gardening, and once to pick up some laundry from the floor).  My mother has lost the function of both kidneys because of being on pain meds for years (when she started, she was my age).  My husband and I were both worried that I was following in her footsteps, because not a day would go by without me having to take meditation to relieve my pain. To avoid addiction to the meds, I would stay on Ibuprofen drugs (and had to take 3 or 4 to feel any results.) But even when the meds temporarily took the pain away, there was always an uncomfortable buzzing in my hip where most of the pain was. About a year ago, the pain traveled to my neck, and the osteopathic surgeon who did surgery on my knee suggested an MRI. Well, I never got the MRI. Because as I was waiting the approval from my insurance company to come, Product B arrived at our doorstep and the neck ache was gone in a just a few days.
It was day three, I think, maybe four, and I noticed my hip pain was gone. GONE!!! I cannot express to you what a blessing it is to be pain free when you have been living with it for so many years. I had completely given up the idea of living without pain; I thought it was genetic and I would be just like my mother. Not only was there no pain, but that buzzing around my hip- the one that pain meds couldn’t alleviate- was gone too.
By day five, I was doing a film in which I had to – and because of Product B was ABLE to- pick up a beautiful (and large boned) 11 year old girl. In the scene, she found out her dad died, and to console her, I would lift her and while holding her up, I’d sit down on the floor and rock her in my arms until she fell asleep. The master scene was rehearsed and shot many many times until they got it just right. What’s amazing is I could have done it even more times… THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL ANYWHERE IN MY BODY! Not that day, and not any other day since!
That same week I was rehearsing for a play in which – with the help of another actor –  I picked up a 160 pound male actor, who was supposed to have passed out from an overdose. We would pick him up and and walk him to the entrance of his ‘apartment’ and put him in the hallway to hide his lifeless body from another character… its a slapstick comedy. We rehearsed this three or four times a day, and I experienced NO PHYSICAL PAIN!!!  It is as if Product B took my body back to what it was when I was in my early thirties!
Oh there’s more A couple weeks after beginning Product B, I was in my sister’s beautiful backyard and I had a bad bad fall. Serves me right, because I was lecturing her about being mindful and paying attention. She had recently gotten in a car accident that I happen to be certain that it was HER fault. So as I am full force in lecture mode, “you always act first and then you think, a car is a weapon, bla bla bla…” I fall back over a big rock in her yard, turn myself around mid-air, and fall on my hands and knees into a shallow pond – just behind the big rock- that is floored with ornamental big rocks. After a good laugh, my sister rushed to urgent care, and the doctor said that I had to be on bed rest for at least a week for the injuries to heal.
Well… Two days later I was back to work, filming the walking in front of a gigantic green screen sequence with the 11 year old girl I mentioned earlier, holding two pails of water, one in each hand. Not only had my knees healed so quickly in a couple of days,  but the tendon I had torn 6 months earlier… had healed completely.
All these miracles were what Product B did for me physically. But just as significant is what it has done mentally and emotionally.  Like millions of  others, I have been dealing with  the strain and stresses caused by these difficult financial times. The creative world has been hit even harder than other fields. I am also dealing with my mother’s health, who is on dialysis, and has acquired congestive heart failure. Ever since starting Product B over a month ago, I am so much more calm and clear mentally. Of course I still worry for my mom, and our finances, but emotionally I am happy again, regardless of these daily stresses. I feel the way I did when I was much younger. It’s really incredible, and the only way to know what I am experiencing is to try it yourself. For me, this product is as important as yoga and meditation, and I have no doubt that tens of millions of people will be on it soon and benefit from it the way I have.
Thank you for reading. Blessings to you and all you love.

My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 2 years ago. On June 26, 2013 I was introduced to an Organization called Isagenix by Friend in Hawii Jason Groode who asked me to view a video about a product called (Product B) which was 39 minutes long.  I viewed it and was blown away by what the product can do for your body.  I called Jason back and told him I was very interested but would not have the funds to get it until July 1, 2013.  I then order the product and received it July 5, 2013.  On July 6, 2013 I Started taking the product along with my wife, who has Alzheimers.  We took the product as directed 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. On July 8, 2013 since my wife had Alzheimers was advised by Jason to have her take 3 capsules twice a day.  10 days later I noticed a dramatic change.  She normally would have a difficult time taking her medicine, it would take me 30 minutes or more for her to take them.  Now she takes them within 5 minutes.  She also use to take her make up off each night, and put fresh make up on in the morning.  She hasn’t done that in months. She is now back to doing that. I also had a very difficult time communicating with her, now it is back to were we were before. It is such a pleasure to be able to talk to her about things on the Television, and other events of the day. She use to have trouble understanding what they were saying on the television, now she doesn’t have that problem anymore.
July 19, 2013 our Granddaughter came over to visit, and she noticed how much more cognizant she was. Also our son lives with us and noticed the same changes.
July 20, 2013 Margaret-Ann talked to her daughter in Florida on Skype, and they had a wonderful conversation together for the first time in a long time, also her other son came over to visit, and noticed a difference in her.
July 21, 2013 today for the first time in a long time she was able to turn her Hoveround chair on.  I would always have to help her find the right button.
July 22, 2013 today for the first time in a long time she was able to say our prayer before our meal.
July 23 2013 today we went on a picnic with our son and 2 granddaughters. she is still able to have a meaningful conversation with everyone. This is a major accomplishment for her.
July 24, 2013 today our Pastor came over to visit with Margaret-Ann, and they had a wonderful conversation together.
July 25, 2013 Margaret-Ann has not been able to communicate intelligently for several months, so when she has been able to do that in the past few days has been a blessing to me. Each day she has been getting better at it. I can only contribute it to Product B. Nothing else has helped her. In addition she has not been able to understand the people on TV, because they talk so fast and her brain could not assimilate what they were saying. Now she is able to assimilate what they are saying on TV, and she is now enjoying watching TV again.
July 26, 2013 At this time I would like to take the time to Praise The Lord and the People who developed his product.  I had felt like I lost my wife, and now a have her back. It is such a blessing. 
July 27, 2013 Margaret-Ann woke up this morning and said she felt better than she has ever felt.  She is so much more alert.  One other thing I noticed about her was she is much more able to get dressed on her own. 
July 28, 2013 Today 2 of our friends came to visit Margaret-Ann, and they noticed dramatic change in her. They had a wonderful time together talking about things they were doing. 
July 29, 2013 Since Margaret-Ann had Alzheimers we didn’t pay any attention to her other problem with arthritis.  She has had arthritis in her hands so bad that she could not shake hands with anyone without it being very painful.  Now her hands don’t heart when shaking hands, and furthermore I tested her grip this morning and she didn’t have any pain at all.  Her hands were disfigured, and now her hands are straitening up.   
July 30, 2013 Margaret-Ann had another friend visit her, and was supersized at how well she was doing.  They had a wonderful conversation, which about three weeks again wouldn’t have possible. 
August 1, 2013 Took Margaret-Ann to the hair dresser, and she said she couldn’t believe how much different she was since the last time she saw her. 
August 2, 2013 We had the telephone repairman over to fix our phones, TV & Internet, and he notice the change in her from the last time he saw her. 
August 3, 2013 I increase her pills to 4 twice a day. 
August 6, 2013 She continues to improve in remembering things.  She is able to answer the phone and pass on any messages to me now.
August 10, 2013 It was suggested that I change Margaret-Ann’s doses to 3 in the morning, 2 med day and 3 in the evening, which I have done. 
August 21, 2013 my wife continues to improve in her memory area.  She recalls events of the past, and people we have met thru our life time.
I took her to her Doctor on September 10th, and he said she was doing better.  He could tell her memory was better.  I told him that she had regressed, and he said it was due to the Virus she acquired, and that she would get better as it cleared up. Today she seems much better. She continues to  recall past experiences.

Dearest Ones,
Thank you for your love and trust in supporting me with your enrollment to give Product B a try to see for yourselves about this “turning back time” with this all natural science based collaboration.
I thought you might be interested in my personal experience thus far – can hardly wait to see what the next month brings:-)
FYI, my experience with Product B has been 2 1/2 weeks long and this is what I’ve noticed personally.  Subtle but profound.  I’m more healthy than normal for a Goddess my age, no particular challenges other than a sluggish thyroid which I keep revved with a prescription thyroid supplement.
My hair is coming in dark at the hairline, my body skin is definitely less wrinkled and dry (Nerium has kept my face looking good but the body skin was distressing.) Most noticeable is my mental and emotional composure – last night Greg thanked me for my support last work week, he said “You have been Pacific”  nice:-)
The past few days during my yoga practice I notice I feel “slippery” inside – like muscles, tendons, joints, sliding around in a very fluid manner – very interesting. Will keep you posted:-)  Of course others are having more profounds results, last week a man was taken off the lung transplant list.  He had been on Product B for 6 weeks!
Greg says his hair is growing faster and he thinks “thicker”, he’s also had more mental focus and emotional balance, this is noteworthy since he’s on a new job (only 2 weeks) with UCLA Medical which carries high responsibility.
I look forward to hearing from you and your victories no matter how subtle – be sure to let me know if it’s ok to share or if it’s personal.  :-)  Your privacy is important.
The webinars and conference calls have been Awesome this week and I encourage you to listen in as often as possible and become informed about this product and the opportunity you hold in your hands.  David Macarthur is on vacation with his family this week but there will be other communication with other upline leaders.  (We are in the Information Distribution industry).
Love and blessings to each of you – if there is too much info flowing let me know and you will be taken off my list, no hard feelings, I know how those inboxes fill up.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Shivani

Hi Jason,   I received my product B shipment about two days ago and i started playing around with QRA testing and how Product B might fare.
The results so far are way cooler than I expected.
First, Product B tests strong to all four polarities and it is strong to 100 stress taps.
When I bring it into a persons field who has organ weakness, they get strong.  When I bring Product B into the field while the person is on an interference field point like a scar or trauma, they get strong.
Product B has turned on every point tested in the body of everyone I have tested it with thus far. I’ve tested about 7 people ranging in age from 11 to 64 so it’s not a large number yet, so far so incredibly good!
Energetically, Product B is exceeding my expectations.
I’ve been taking Product B for a few days now so I’m looking forward to seeing the effect. To be continued…..
Blessings, Cyndi

Testimonial for Product B from Kathleen M
Over many decades I have taken products that were part of multi level marketing but I never became involved with that aspect. I took my products but never really talked about them or felt called to share them with others. I have to confess that I originally signed up to take Product B because my dear friend was so passionate about it. I thought I would do it for two months and then discontinue but at least give it a try for her.
I was amazed within a few days of taking it I was feeling totally recalibrated and like my structures that are the makeup of “me” were being rearranged in a most magnificent way. I am very spiritual and that is also my work. I am also clairsentient, I feel energy very deeply. I could FEEL product B inside of me and it felt amazing.
I called my friend and told her I thought Product B was working on dimensions far more vast than the physical. She laughed and said we knew you would get that!!  What came through this morning when I channeled Mother Mary was:
“There has been a shift in your physical body, mental, astral and spiritual bodies. You are very correct in that assessment. YES, the Product B is aligning and giving you structure– a foundation for all these higher frequencies to flood into you. It is greatly assisting you with your awakening.”
I have to say the second week I needed much more sleep than normal. It felt like sleep was the only way to process all that I could feel changing within me.
I am feeling a clarity I have never experienced before in my life- feeling a calmness and a knowing of how to structure things and what is important and what is not. There is an alignment of the outside world that is mirroring this newfound alignment within myself.
This morning I set my alarm at 5:00 and also at 6:00. I wanted to remember my dreams and fall back to sleep easily. But when my alarm rang at 5:00am I was awake and couldn’t go back to sleep so I jumped up to start meditating and begin my day. Usually mornings are a time I feel groggy and sleepy for quite some time before I fully wake up. The other interesting thing is that for the first time in years I could feel the effects of my morning tea. I was jittery and feeling a caffeine high for hours and hours. I had a massage and mentioned it. The therapist said my adrenals were finally working.
It is hard to put all of this into words but because I have never experienced anything like this I want to share this with my friends so I am attempting to do the best I can with the tools of language.
Kathleen M

…by the way, I don’t know if I mentioned a nutritional supplement, “Product B” (PB) the last time I saw you. I have been taking it for the past month, and a week ago, Ane began taking it too after witnessing my positive transformations. I was a skeptical at first from reading a lot of “too-good-to-be-true” testimonials of which there many. But I was open and willing to at least see how it might benefit me. I was specifically interested in how it might effect my emotional and nervous system-related symptoms: insomnia, trouble staying focused, chronic low level irritability, mild depression, and general fatigue.
All of these symptoms can be tracked back to my bout with shingles 4 years ago. Since then I just haven’t returned to my former level of well-being. I can now report that most of my symptoms have been significantly alleviated! The specific personal effects are:
1) Deeper, longer and more consistent restful periods of sleep, which I took for granted before my shingles outbreak. I’m now back to my previous healthy pattern!
2) Mood equanimity, normal range of emotions, no dramatic mood swings, but a general sense of well-being (Ane loves this one!).
3) More physical stamina and mental focus. In general, a steady sense of energy to meet life as it comes… NOT the caffeinated pattern of highs crashing to rebound lows. I’ve been having spontaneous flashes of creative inspiration, and now aware that I hadn’t for some time. Life’s an Adventure once again!
4) Lastly, I wasn’t expecting this, but for the last 10 years, I have had the onset of neuropathy or nerve numbness. I broke my wrist 45 years ago and the nerve that runs along that meridian has slowly numbed. My pinky and finger next to it were especially so. I’d wake up with “pins and needles” in them. But after the first 10 days of taking Product B, the neuropathy has reversed noticeably, and continues so. Before I was constantly aware of my right hand, now it’s only occasionally with much less intensity.
PB’s formulation is based on “telomeres” or chromosome “end caps” shortening over generations of chromosomal replication. Over simplified: shortening = aging. PB has been scientifically demonstrated to stimulate telomeric growth resulting in not just preserving chromosomes, but repairing and even growing them!
Below is a recent assessment by Gabriel Cousens, a reputable medical-based source and international renowned health educator. There are other testimonials, but he’s got his professional reputation at stake, so he tends to be very conservative and evidence-based.
Let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in trying it. Based on my personal experience, I’ve decided to become distributor myself! I’ll call you later in the week.
Big Love, Marc

Dearest Jason,   Here are some of the amazing changes that have happened within my family in the last 3 and a half weeks since we started taking Product B.
First, my husband who is 70, upon awaking at night, had been finding his hands to be stiff and achy. Now, all of a sudden, he’s realized that often his hands haven’t been bothering him anymore. Also for the first time, a rotator cuff problem that has bothered him especially at night since falling a year ago, has gone from a 5-6 pain level down to a 1 and two painful muscles at the back of his neck have also gone down from a 5-6 on the pain scale to a 1. And finally, just last night, both my husband and I have noticed that our skin is softer, especially mine…and that is something, as I have psoriasis and it is mostly dry and rough! Time will tell whether it stays soft. Occasionally it does go into remission, but it always gets rough again and this time it seems to have a very different kind of silky texture which is not what has happened before…we’ll see, but I am quite excited about this.
Actually, even more exciting then all this is that my father’s familial tremors, which have been getting worse over the last 15 years (he’s 90) have become almost non-existent and my mother the other day realized that her vision has improved greatly. Last week she became aware that she was watching TV and reading the captions without her glasses. She also noticed that her hearing is improving. She could always hear the newscaster, but now she can understand what she’s saying without the help of her hearing aid! WOW!
My brother had also realized that his vision had improved greatly when he found himself reading a menu at a restaurant and holding it 10″ from his eyes without glasses instead of the usual fully extended arms length…which was the only distance he could see it at before! And, he too has seen a great improvement in the tremors in his hands!
Another change is that my mother at 85, has been suffering from severe dry mouth at night. She would wake up in the middle of the night and have to slowly pry her tongue from the roof of her mouth. It was painful and she was fearful that she was going to rip the skin off! That has improved greatly as have the neck pains she was having (we think from an enlarged thyroid) which really had her frightened. And finally there has been some improvement in her severe nightly hip and leg pains which she thinks might be bursitis.
This is all so fantastic. I can’t wait to see all the other things that improve as time goes on…this is down right fun and extremely gratifying!!!
Thank you Jason for telling me about Product B!!!
With a heart full of appreciation,
Carlee P

Aloha Jason!
I am so happy to share our Product B experience!  My husband Chris and I have been on the product for 15 days.  I slept through the night on the first day of using Product B.  That’s the first time in over a year!  I have slept through every night since then.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to wake up when the sun is actually up!  Not only that, but to feel rested and ready to get up and face the day, instead of dreading the sun coming up after lying awake most of the night.
I’ve also noticed much better mental focus and a more relaxed and peaceful energy, even though I’ve been insanely busy.  I’ve also noticed a lot of fine hairs growing along my hairline, which gives me great hope as my hair has been thinning steadily over time.  My nails are much stronger and not as brittle as they were 2 weeks ago.
What I’m thrilled to share is that Chris is getting relief from his extremely painful peripheral neuropathy.  He has been in agony for the last few years from nerve damage in his lumbar spine.  His left foot has been “on fire” and nothing that has worked for him.  Before Product B his daily pain was anywhere from a constant 7-10, and now that has been reduced to 2-4.   On the third day of using the product we were walking across the parking lot and he turned to me and said “That’s weird… foot isn’t hurting!”.  He hasn’t been pain free in years, especially when walking on concrete.  It literally brought tears of joy.
We are filled with a renewed hope and are both so grateful for the transformational healing and quality of life Product B is providing.
Many blessings and much Aloha,  Christy

Thank You Jason, Received the product today and took 3 capsules not expecting anything. My body is very sensitive to energies due to decades of meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, reiki, and qigong. Within minutes the vibrations of love and light I normally experience increased to a whole new level of intensity.  My mind became clearer and I could literally feel the synergystic effect of this amazing product in every system of my being.   6 hours later and the heightened vibrations and awareness continue.  The vibrations have reduced some skin issues on my face–which I’ve tried many things on the past year with slow results–by 50%!  In 6 hours! Imagine a caterpillar finally closing up the last opening in the cocoon and then the magical transformation of every cell starts to occur–that’s about the closest I can come to an analogy.   I’m so looking forward to seeing what transpires over the next few weeks!!!
With divine blessings of love, light, gratitude, bliss and health in every moment of your precious and beautiful life streaming from my soul to your soul, from my heart to your heart, within the ONE INFINITE LOVE!
Timothy S Master of Ancient Arts & Sacred Sciences
Every human heart is a flame of love burning to go home to God!

Dear Family and Friends,
Yesterday was four weeks exactly using Product B and this is my personal testimonial of the profound difference using this multidimensional product has made in my life.  Some parts are so fantastic I hesitate to write and other aspects so deeply personal that I cannot.
I Am a very healthy woman – some call me a Senior.  No major health challenges as I’ve been conscious of the mind body connection for many years and have taught yoga, health and nutrition for over 3 decades.  It takes a lot to impress me and here goes…..
Physically I have more energy and a great deal more stamina – recovery is so good I don’t realize from day to day what would normally be overload.  After 6 hours sleep last night this morning I sit refreshed and clear in mind and body.
Two weeks after beginning this life changing product I noticed new dark hair coming in at my hair line.  My hair has been falling out and breaking for the past 5 years along with a host of post menopausal distresses.
I’ve lost 3 pounds while eating more than normal, my body has a tone and leanness emerging.  My curves are coming back and the flab is tightening up.  This is subjective but confirmed by my husband Greg.
This past weekend I was with my family and we all complimented each other on the radiance we were witnessing in each other (Mother and Daughter on Product B for 2 weeks).  Mom has lost 6 pounds without even trying and Rebecca’s lost 4 – she is a fitness trainer and already at her goal weight.  Both remarked about their emotional flow and the ability to actually listen to friends and guest (70 guests at gathering).
For the past 5 years I’ve been very distressed about the skin and erosion I was seeing in my upper arms – have not worn short sleeves or sleeveless in a long time because of the sagging, flabbiness and deep wrinkles from elbow to armpit.  Lifting weights and yoga were not addressing the topical layer – muscle and tone but the flesh was another matter.  Daughter Rebecca begin to really look at my skin and noted “your arms look fantastic! – I don’t remember seeing your arms/skin ever look so beautiful.”  She bought me a new sleeveless orange top to wear – I look good.
If this is going on in such superficial ways as skin and hair I marvel at what is taking place inside my body that I’m not seeing – such as heart, lungs, circulatory, digestive etc.
As wonderful as these benefits are they are superficial – most noticeably I Am experiencing a Peace and Harmony within myself that I’ve never known except from altered states of deep meditation.  There is an emotional calm that is new to me.  The best I can surmise is my nervous system is healing.  The stressful lifestyle has caused me to be in a low grade state of anxiety most of the time, fight or flight syndrome turned on all the time.  It seems to be switched off and I’m able to just BE.
This is the MOST impressive thing to me as I’m paying attention to “What’s happening” and it is subjective I know.
Writing this deeply personal testimonial is a testimony to my improvement in mental clarity and focus.  At the family gathering I put together a tubular table that in the past I wouldn’t even have attempted to figure out:-) Small victories but profound in my sense of being capable of figuring something out and executing it.
How much Product B am I and my family taking….?  A lot.  We began with 2 capsules 2 times a day, after a few days we increased to 3 x a day – when we became confident and experiencing positive results we’ve all upped it to 4 2 x a day:-).   It’s almost like how good do you want to feel….
Multi level marketing has been a blessing in my family’s life since 1986!  I’ve lived well and sometimes lavishly since then.  Built an International marketing team that circled the globe for 22 years, sold it and retired.
Now enters Product B and the compensation plan.  It is easy and fun to share this product and benefit financially, in the past 4 weeks I’ve earned $354. in commissions – more than my initial sign up and Product B cost.  Easy simple and fun!
It is a joy to be back involved with something I believe in, making new friends, having dreams to share and getting excited about what they are experiencing.  If it weren’t for the camaraderie and love shared with my team members this wouldn’t be of interest to me.  My friend Cree who is much more than a friend to me just earned her first $99.50 commission – this get’s me excited to help others get their product free and to build an income.
If all this has happened in the past 4 weeks I can scarcely imagine what the next 4 years hold for All.
With great love and appreciation, Shivani

I have been taking Product B for nearly two weeks now.  I take 3 capsules in the the morning before breakfast and then 3 capsules again before dinner.  The first night I took them at around 6pm.  I noticed that I was able to work much later than normal and when I got in bed it took about 30 minutes to fall asleep – usually I am asleep within about 10 seconds:-)  It was far from a negative experience; I felt good and very energized.  My mother had the same experience, but she took them just before bed around midnight and said she didn’t fall asleep until after 3am.  I am not sure if others have experienced this, but the Kenyon family has.  Now I take it around 6pm and I am able to sleep around11:30.
I am a 42 year old man working for myself as a singer/songwriter/performer and doing freelance work in the entertainment industry in Tokyo, Japan.  I have several sizable goals that I am committed to accomplishing within the next 2 years.  I have noticed that since taking Product B, my clarity of thinking has vastly improved.  I am so much more organized and I am able to set priorities and achieve them at double speed.  I would say that my work-life effectiveness has nearly doubled and that’s after only 2 weeks on Product B.
Thank you so much Jason for sharing this with me.  I am definitely going to share it with just about everyone I know!!
Aloha Nui Loa & Arigatou♫ Bodhi

Dear Jason,
I have been using Product B for one month.  I have followed the directions faithfully taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening.  I have to say that, despite my skepticism, I have been very happily surprised with the results so far.  I have heard from a few people that I shouldn’t evaluate the product until I have been on it for at least three to four months.  But the results I have already experienced have made me a believer.
As of this writing, there are three things that have really gotten me excited:
1.  In the past when I would wake up in the morning it would take me a half hour or more to get myself energized for the day.  And that usually required a strong cup of caffeinated coffee.  In the past week, I have noticed that within five minutes I am fully energized before even brewing the coffee.  Now that wouldn’t be so remarkable except that it has even occurred after only five hours of sleep (I usually get seven to eight hours).
2.  I have had for several years what is called an essential tremor causing my hands to shake, coffee or no coffee.  I work in electronics and have had to stop soldering altogether because of the tremor.   Oftentimes, I spill my coffee because I can’t keep my hands from shaking.  I have definitely noticed an improvement.  I am hoping that given the full three or four months time, it will be significantly improved.
3.  This is really exciting to me!  I have had a very significant improvement in my vision which was totally unexpected.  I’ve been wearing bifocals for reading and driving since my late 40’s.  I’m 61 now.  Within the last week I can drive without the glasses night or day and can see distances as well as I did when I was in my 20’s.  I was particularly excited to discover that at a distance of over 60 yards I could see individual needles on pine trees!  Even my closeup vision has improved.  I can clearly read small print at a distance of 14 to 16 inches.  Previously, I couldn’t stretch my arms far enough to allow good focus.
If these are the kinds of results that happen in a month for someone who has not been exercising much or that attentive to diet, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months when I start working with all five pillars of health.   What’s more is that there are a lot of people who will benefit greatly when I introduce them to Product B.  Yes, the business opportunity is terrific.  But the opportunity to have a positive life changing effect on people who are suffering is beyond awesome.
Sincerely and gratefully, Rich G

Aloha Friends: I have been reluctant to share a personal testimonial from using Product B, because I dislike very much the hype of network marketing, and while I have been using the product since before any of you, starting in July, my experiences have been on the more subtle realms, than a major healing experience that so many are reporting. Such as improved, deeper sleep, higher vitality, and what feels to be a deeper sense of being.  This all changed this last week, and as a result I feel I have to share my personal experience.
Over the past week I attended our 26th Annual Fall Spiritual Retreat, which is a one week residential event, which we hold twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, here on Maui.  Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to be The Director of many of these camps, which at the same time is both fun and challenging.  Every camp, over the past 20+ years, I have been tired as the camp wound down to its close, and over the recent years, to the point of exhaustion, looking forward to returning home for rest, and getting back to my normal rhythm.  This camp was very different for me.  As it wound down, on the closing days, my vitality was as high as it was when it started.  I never had this experience before. I sat reflecting how different this feeling was, and where was it coming from. The only thing I can attribute it to is my use of Product B over these last three months. Nothing else was different.  Then I knew I had to share this with others, since it is very real, and worthy of you being aware that this is a possibility for everyone using the product.
I AM so grateful for the gift of a deeper, more dependable nights sleep, and for a noticeable higher vitality.  These are wonderful benefits from the use of this very special product, and I send you blessings that you receive them also.
Aloha Nui Loa, Jason G

Well, Jason, I cannot thank you enough for the support you offer not only for healing but as my up-line in Isagenix International.
My son was injured on the job back in 2000.  His surgeries failed and he suffers from immense pain daily.  The stress on his body from the injury and the medications caused him to gain weight and he was at 265 punds this past summer (2013).  We had tried several different approaches to loose the weight caused by his inflammation, but were unsuccessful.
I put him on Product B two months ago and he immediately began to lose weight.  At this time he is about 226 pounds and still losing daily.  Praise the Lord and Product B!  He has more energy, and has begun to do more projects that up to this point were just dreams.
Believe you me, Product B is a Dream Come True in this household.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Virginia S