Power of Intention

Power of intention can help you, but it can also get in your way. Power must be blended with the flow of grace in your life. All power has to have this balance of alignment with the Divine Will otherwise our intention becomes egocentric. Even with good intentions, we have to be mindful of this. Is the intention coming from you or from your ego? This can be a hard question. We don’t always have the answer to that. As we get more aligned with the divine unfolding, intention expresses from that Divine Will alignment rather than from ego. Even if it appears to be a good intention, the question is: “Is it aligned with the Divine Force?” What is also needed, along with that intention, is netzach or perseverance. This is the follow-through to manifest the intention. You may have the greatest of intentions, and yet the energetic follow-through doesn’t take you there. We may have visions or be a visionary, but there is also that second level of divine force necessary to see it through. One issue with that is that if you try too hard, it can also throw things out of balance. How do you know how hard to try or how far to go?

This is not an easy question. There is a time to push hard to make something happen and there is also a time not to push hard. This takes us to the discrimination aspect of spiritual life. It’s not like there is a rule to this. We like the safety of rules, but they can get into the way. We can start out moderately and then assess what is happening.

This can be applied to spiritual life as well as to relationships. Using two metaphors of intimacy can give us some insights on proper use of intention. In relationships people can override the flow by trying too hard. On the other hand, if you do not try hard enough you don’t really work through your family of origin issues or your intra-psychic issues. Yet, it does happen that sometimes people get in the way of the process by trying too hard. However, today it is more common not to try hard enough. One has to be in a relationship long enough for the family of origin and intro-psychic issues to begin to surface (what is sometimes called the 7-year itch) and then long enough for these to be worked through. One is making a certain intimate relationship investment. Once again, we must access where to find the balance. This is where the development of internal guidance is essential. It is important to continue to question our intention and our situation. If we don’t even ask the questions we are not close enough.

A teacher’s support lends experience and overview for the question. Someone you trust can provide you with feedback motivated by no personal investment beyond one’s upliftment. At some point it is still up to you, which requires a certain amount of self-examination. This is true for examining what is needed in relationships. For a healthy relationship, there needs to be a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. This is fundamental. If you only have a wonderful mental connection or sexual connection, it is not the fullest multifaceted connection. This is where one must look at their intentions and ask oneself, “What am I doing here?” and “Is there enough love to motivate me to work through my family of origin issues?” and “Am I in the right situation for me to be able to evolve?” One of my spiritual teachers used the metaphor that it is better to have one 100-foot well than ten 10-foot deep wells. Many today are digging a lot of shallow holes. Depth and quality of character doesn’t get developed in the process. The relationship isn’t valued. There isn’t the willingness to dig the 100-foot hole in order to hit the water of cosmic connection. Part of this is intuitive. There are times when people have to go with the intuition that they can trust where the relationship is going even when things get rough or inconvenient. The questions we ask during this process are heart-felt questions.

This is a part of the big picture. For me the big picture is to die into the Nothing. It is to merge with God. Part of the big picture is fulfillment of one’s individual dharma. Are we aligned with our individual dharma’s unique expression and also Cosmic Divine Dharma. If individual dharma and divine dharma are in alignment then it yields perspective on your intention. At times we may know that despite the difficulty, we are to keep working. At other times, we may know that struggling may not be the best use of time and energy. The spiritual path is about going into the unknown, and it is important to inquire if we are in the right place to blossom. Both the dharma to know the Divine and the individual dharma must be aligned to bring the highest level of power of intention into our activities. May everybody be blessed with proper application of power of intention in your lives.