My 8-year-old granddaughter sent me a little quote. She said, “Everybody stays together until it’s time to go.” This is brilliant. She was speaking exactly to the issues of the time, the deconstruction of society. There is a time to be together, and there is a time to differentiate.

The chesed (mercy) aspect of the Tree of Life is togetherness. The gevurah (boundaries) aspect of the Tree of Life is the boundaries, clarity, and discrimination. In our society there is an effort to take away boundaries, clarity, and discrimination because someone will be offended. That leads us to “the blob”.

When I was a medical student, we went to see a family as a social service visit. In addition to sharing one bed, a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter also shared the same name, looked the same, and were literally a blob consciousness. Family therapy uses the terms of differentiated and undifferentiated to describe these social dynamics. This family relationship was undifferentiated and was completely dysfunctional. All they did was lay there in bed. Blob consciousness has no distinction. It has no boundaries, and no one develops. If one takes away differentiation, which is normal and healthy for children and adults, the guaranteed result is dysfunctional development.

We have a blueprint upon which the cosmos is based called the Tree of Life. This is the prototype structure from galaxies to electrons. Its infrastructure is held by human consciousness. When we take away gevurah (boundaries), everything is thrown off. On the Tree of Life there is a balance between gevurah and chesed. The balance between these two is called tiferet, meaning beauty. This balance underlies every level of society and the universe. It is the cosmic pattern. In our society there is an effort to deconstruct this cosmic pattern.

The current gender issues are simply one piece of this. We are “post-” everything. We no longer differentiate, and anyone who does so is considered a micro-aggressive threat. However, differentiation is developmentally healthy. In truth, there are no two identical women, and there are no two identical men. Each and every person is a unique expression of the Divine. It is a fundamental Torah teaching that we are all expressing our unique sacred designs. This unique sacred design is not someone else’s design or plan for us.

It is true that at the higher levels of liberation we are all one. At the stage when one is a newborn we are also all one, and yet there is a process of differentiation that occurs as we mature and develop healthy ego structures. Later in life, such as in adolescence or older, one begins to understand that we are each a unique expression of the Divine. Yes, there is a time to be together, but there is also a time to be separate. That act of differentiation is the time of awakening. Of course, as one wakes, one realizes they are One.

In other societies, they have already tried to do away with differentiation. The kibbutz society in Israel is an example of this. There are other variations of this socialist experiment. A philosophy of non-polarity, insisting that differentiation is an illusion, deconstructs society. People lose their unique expressions. That’s slavery. That is why this did not work with Mao or Stalin, and it did not work for Cambodia. All of these societies have suffered by not allowing the individual to flourish.

All this begins by taking out the gevurah, and failing to make distinctions, clarification, and differences. This is very serious. We are not simply talking about capitalism. We are talking about a necessary stage of human development before one is strong enough to spiritually evolve. People who are not fully differentiated operate within the psychosis spectrum. It is only after one has the full differentiation and ego clarity that one can dissolve the boundaries without creating psychological imbalances. Individuals with mental illness or drug issues really require that the boundaries be reconstructed.

This pertains to different levels. It pertains to psychological development and also to spiritual development. The deconstruction happening here in the US and around the world is hurting the spiritual development of the next generation. It is hopeful that many young people are seeing through the confusion that the adults are creating.

May we all be blessed that we can all see through this confusion, honor the sacred design and uniqueness of each person, and elevate that in terms of spiritual awareness.