Peace is the One in front of the Zeros

There are different levels of understanding of how to go about achieving peace. Most important is quieting our mind in order to access this inner peace. It is the metaphorical One in front of the zeros. The Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace are about accessing this inner peace.

The Six Foundations are as follows:

  1. Spiritual Nutrition and Spiritual Fasting
  2. Building Life Force Energy through Pranayama, Yoga Asana, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, jumping on a Rebounder (bringing the oxygen in), etc.,
  3. Service and Charity,
  4. Working with a Spiritual Teacher; Tuning into the Ancient Scriptures to get a framework of the cosmic laws; varaigya – equal vision or seeing the spark of God in all beings equally; viveka – discerning the difference between the cosmic and relative reality
  5. Sacred Silence: Meditation, Prayer, Mantra Repetition, and Chanting
  6. Awakening of the Spiritual Energy; the Kundalini/Shekinah; shaktipat or haniha

The Sevenfold Peace is:

    1. Peace with the Body,
    2. Peace with the Mind,
    3. Peace with the Family (peaceful body and mind makes this easier)
    4. Peace with the Community,
    5. Peace with all Cultures,
    6. Peace with the Ecology, and
    7. Peace with the Divine.

Mastering the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace ultimately create a quiet mind that helps us experience the joy and subtle ecstasy of an inner peace.

With inner peace comes the ability to see and experience God in all things. Today, many people give the paradoxical message that it’s ok believe in God, however it’s not necessarily ok to follow the spiritual discipline to observe God’s cosmic rules. Some “politically correct” micro-societies have already outlawed certain books where these cosmic teachings are given. Somehow, some people naively think we can ignore the perennial teachings if they do not support the current and time-related PC. All over the world the cosmic guidance, such as the Yamas & Niyamas, Buddhist Eightfold Path, and the Ten Speakings are seen as out-of-date and inappropriate if they do not necessarily support the feeding of one’s egocentric, self-serving needs, even though they support one’s spiritual needs and development. This “feel good” approach may also be labeled as a glorified hedonism and may also cross over unintentionally to the way of the dark-side. The primordial dark-side teaching actually is: “Do whatever pleases or pleasures you regardless of whoever is hurt or what morals or ethics are transgressed.” That is literally the dark-side prime directive. Many have been propagandized and misled to feel it is okay and “progressive” not to align with the cosmic laws. Who reminds us of the cosmic laws… The Bringers of the Truth. The ancient prophets used to do this; many of whom were killed for their message then in the past and now in the present. Society and its leaders don’t always want to hear the truth. Edward Snowden, who is in Russia in exile, although not necessarily a modern spiritual prophet, is an example of a modern day Bringer of the Truth (at least in a relative sense).

Religions, which were meant to be supporters of the natural and cosmic truths, no longer seem to be doing this for an increasing group of people. Without adherence to the basic cosmic truths things start to break down and chaos begins to reign. A big challenge today is how to live in a way that is aligned with the cosmic and natural laws. In the book of Exodus, God tells the people that if they follow his ways they will not get the diseases of the Egyptians, but if they do not follow God’s ways they would get all of the diseases of the Egyptians. This was a very clear statement about natural and cosmic law. There are a variety of practical natural and cosmic truths. Gravity is one example of natural truth. It doesn’t work well to jump off a high building and expect to live. The Yamas & Niyamas, Buddhist Eightfold Path, and Ten Speakings are examples of truth applied to create the minimal social order, which then in turn creates a quiet mind that supports our transcendence of the mind. They bring social order, social peace, morality, and a balance in society, as well as a base for spiritual development. That balance nourishes a space for natural inner peace to expand. Without that balance we have chaos. Although faith is important it is far more powerful and sustaining to have an inner experience of the Divine. The spiritual development and character growth that comes from living according to the eternal or perennial natural and spiritual laws is a most driving force of spiritual evolution and enhances the likelihood of hearing an inner experience and sustaining the frequency of it. Everybody has ways of rationalizing out of it, but when you do follow them both outer peace or more inner peace happens. So we have options in our life. What are we willing to follow? Are we willing to follow our own relative morality and politically correct temporary reality of “Whatever is good for me is what matters?” Or can we hold to the higher and perennial wisdom? That is a key question that is a challenge for one to first look at, and then more importantly asks, “How do we live in accordance with these truths in the current world chaos in which we live?” One of the problems is that we do not live in a world that particularly respects people who choose to align with these perennial wisdom guidelines, because it is inconvenient and not aligned with current PC morays. You can’t cheat, lie, etc. Recently, there was an expose brought to light by Dr. Thompson of the CDC, of the CDC’s falsification of epidemiological results to “show” that the mercury in the MMR vaccine was not associated with autism. When the accurate data was finally released it showed a 3.4 times increase of autism in African American children who receive the MMR vaccine before the age of 3. It was ten years later that Dr. Thompson states that he and his two superiors had fudged the data. This is an example of how people will do whatever they want to meet a certain need, no matter how many people are misinformed and harmed, rather than to hold the integrity. I don’t want to be naïve as to say that when you hold the integrity it will always work out on the outer plane. Perhaps if he had not falsified the data, he would have been fired. But as he said, it got to the point where he could not live with himself anymore and he came out with the Truth. It is not always so easy to hold the truth, but at the same time it is worth everything because all a person has, at the end of the day and of their lives, is their spiritual integrity and word. The world wants us to compromise this for it’s own personal gain. However, our job is to hold the spiritual integrity, aligning with the natural and spiritual laws. In this way we maintain ourselves as the light for transforming the world. May everyone be blessed that they might hold to the deep wisdom truths and be a light to the world in this New Year.