Pastor Ademola W Odunaiya

In my over 74 years on earth, I am unshakable in the belief of two facts in the realm of good, radiant health and wellness.  That man is endowed with great knowledge, to discover good herbs and drugs for the amelioration of our health and life.  But without the divine (the author or creator of our lives) intervention in the process, the healing may not be complete!!   Hence the saying “man cures but only God heals!”

This wholesome package and more is what is being practiced here at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia.  That explains the very high success rate of those who come here with one ailment or the other.  They all go back home at the end of their stay not only cured but also completely healed.

I am excited and grateful, to Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his team for the opportunity to partake in this life transforming experience with my diabetes of five years completely gone without the use of the harsh western drugs.  My weight of 259 pounds reduced by almost 20 pounds to 239 pounds and my blood pressure plummeted finally averaging 120/76 all after a 3-week stay in the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center at Patagonia this August/September 2013.

I cannot find any other appropriate word to show my deep appreciation other then to say ‘thank you a million times’

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