Oxygen-The Life of the Party

Oxygen is the life of the party. Without oxygen there would be no party. Oxygen strengthens all of our systems – metabolism, mental functioning, cell regeneration, vitality, and anti-aging. Oxygen is the element of enthusiasm and youthfulness. If there’s an excess of oxygen, we tend to get excesses of those characteristics such as being too optimistic and expansive. These people tend to be completely led by feelings and instincts because the brain is overstimulated. In oxygen deficiency, on the other hand, we have people who are nervous, stubborn, hypersensitive, and have an increased amount of bacterial and fungal infections, as well as cancer. Cancer is more activated when there is low oxygen in the atmosphere, close to 12 percent, because cancer cells are anaerobic. Low oxygen creates decreased brain function, congestion, bleeding, and a decrease in sexuality. Often people on the airplane fall asleep; one of the reasons is that the oxygen in the cabin is equivalent to about 8,000 feet altitude. Fortunately, the oxygen in the pilot’s section is a higher concentration. Oxygen is the main element outside of glucose for effective energetic functioning of the brain. Low oxygen diminishes the senses of sight, touch, and hearing; low oxygen clearly accelerates the process of senility and decreased intellect, and generally slows mental functioning. Oxygen is needed for the mitochondria to produce energy. The person with low oxygen usually has low energy and an increased rate of aging. These people tend to become more stubborn and hypersensitive with poorly functioning mitochondria in the brain and body cells; memory decreases and emotions are imbalanced. This can result in depression, with intense desire to be in the mountains, hills, and the
oceans. It can also result in a need for seclusion.

The bottom line is that it is very important to breathe and do pranayama practices (breathing exercises). It is very important when you realize, according to some studies, that by the time you’re seventy you can lose up to 50 percent of your lung capacity. This does not apply to people who are doing regular breathing exercises. At the Tree of Life we put a strong emphasis on increasing oxygenation at the mitochondrial level with several non-invasive oxygenation technologies. Oxygenation and maintaining iron levels can significantly slow the aging and senility process.

We have oxygen in all our foods, but generally oxygen is very attracted to the blood through iron; therefore, foods that are high in iron are particularly important for bringing oxygen into the system. Other minerals that activate the oxygen are calcium, potassium, and iodine.

High-oxygen foods would include iron tonics, nuts and seeds, and liquid chlorophyll. Fruits and vegetables in general are also good, especially in a juice form. High-oxygen foods include beets, blueberries, carrots, figs, grapes, green pepper, horseradish, leeks, mustard greens, nuts, seeds, ripe olives, onions, parsnip, raisins, sea vegetables, spinach, and tomatoes and juice. All the greens are high in oxygen, and particularly the watery fruits and vegetables.

One of the most important way to increase oxygen in the system is through breathing exercises, or Pranayama. Pranayama is a key way to move and utilize oxygen in the body. It is the working with breath in a way that activates the vital energy, the five pranas of the system, as well as moves the lymph and increases oxygen throughout the whole system.