Order of the Whole Creation

Order brings unity and harmony, while chaos brings discord. Chaos brings struggle, and there has been a struggle for thousands of years between the forces of order and the forces of chaos. In spiritual life, we progress towards order and unification both internally and externally.

Understanding the whole of creation is based on our comprehension of creation’s order. Planting cycles, seasonal cycles, or lunar cycles all show order. The more we align with that order, the more harmonious and uplifting is our spiritual life.

What do we see in the world today? We see deliberate disorder and deliberate chaos. Taking it deeper, in every level of our society, the government, media, and its teachers are deliberately creating disorder, particularly in our children’s minds. This is guaranteed to create chaos. When people are in chaos, they can be more easily socially controlled. This is the direction we are headed. The former Science Guy, Bill Nye now has an internet program where he is encouraging children to begin sexual exploration in every single direction, as young as 5 to 7 years old. This is serious disorder. This is disorder because in childhood development, sexual exploration is abnormal at 5 or 6 years old. Yet, the school systems and teaching children what they are not yet ready to be able to handle.

Children are being pushed to choose a sexual orientation at age 5 or 6 and getting hormone therapy if they choose, regardless of the fact that they are not mature enough to make such a choice. The American Pediatric Society has stated that this damages childhood and can even be considered child abuse. Children may get a little confused. Little boys and little girls may look similar to a certain extent. However, the data shows that 98% of boys and 88% of girls with sexual confusion stabilize after puberty into their genetics. There is a natural order, and that order comes into place accordingly. Choosing hormone therapy or having gender reassignment surgery done as a child disrupts the natural order of psycho-spiritual development. When you create enough disorder in a young child’s mind, their mind becomes ineffective and confused. For thousands of years children’s consciousness has unfolded along natural ordered lines as they become young teenagers, older teenagers, and so forth. That order is not being respected anymore.

Why is the Matrix doing that? What is going on? It seems a little strange. Perhaps there is a strategy to create serious levels of confusion, whether it be sexual identity confusion or otherwise, which will result in confused and unbalanced children, teens, and young adults. In this context, is it an accident that one of five US children is on psychiatric medication. That is mind-blowing. When I was growing up I didn’t know anyone on medication. Some of this medicated 20% is a result of the effort to more create social confusion and disorder by confusing societies growing individuals. When we don’t acknowledge the flow of nature, and when we don’t acknowledge the flow of the Divine, we are not acknowledging Divine Order. This leads to confusion. When confusion reigns, chaos reigns. When we get a bit further into it, we see that chaos is a dark side production, while order draws people into the light, because when your light is shining, your mind is in order, and your subtle body is in order.

On the physical plane, when your body is in order, your astral body is in order, and your mental body is in order. This harmonious alignment supports your spiritual evolution. If your mind is confused, you cannot rise above your mind. If your body and mind are confused you cannot rise above that confusion to experience spiritual life. There is a very important struggle between the forces of order and the forces of chaos. I’m not referring to military order, I am talking about natural order. Paul Bragg said, “When you break the laws of nature, nature’s laws break you.” That has to do with how we eat. If we eat junk food, we won’t be healthy, because the body won’t work well. There is a natural order that creates harmony, and a disorder that causes dysfunction. On every level, there is currently an active struggle against forces that want to create health and wellbeing.

I define health as the degree of order and disease as the degree of disorder. This is not a new idea, and I’ve held this definition for many years. We can now apply it to our society, to how we are raising our kids, to what the schools are communicating, and to what the colleges are communicating. There’s been a real shift away from the desirability of order toward the desirability of disorder. One of the most important things we can do in our lives is to consciously (not obsessively) bring order to every aspect of our lives. This brings peace. When your diet, lifestyle, relationships, and spiritual life are orderly, they actually work better, and we have a positive influence on the people around us, creating more order and harmony. When you live the Six Foundations, you are going to create more inner peace. You can create a quiet mind, and therefore be in alignment and be in order.

May everyone be blessed that in a very deep way, we consciously work for inner order in our own lives and in our environment around us. Amen.