Order From Chaos pt. 1

Order From Chaos

How do we begin to make order out of the apparent chaos we see in the world all around us today? How do we even begin to integrate what’s happening? In a global society producing chaos and disorder, we have to start with ourselves. It is most impressive how people lose touch with their souls. Your soul is your gateway to the Divine, to Divine Will, and, ultimately, to the Divine order in the world. However, people are so painfully disconnected for their soul, that they will do anything to feel alive again.

The real issue is how to truly connect with our souls. When you connect with your soul, you become alive because you connect to the Divine, and, in that process, you join with the light of all creation. Additionally, when you connect to your soul, you penetrate through to see the light in all things, and you see the unity in all things. This is Ayn Zulato, which means, “There is only God”. To perceive this truth on the inner plane is to deepen out connection with our soul and our overall alignment with the Divine, and to express the Divine as part of that alignment. The more we connect to our soul, the more we see the light in all things. We do not see a world of duality – of good and bad. There is only the light prior to duality, because all serves God, regardless of human ignorance or preference.

The major task in a confused and disordered society is reconnecting and deepening our connection to our soul. This condition aligns us and empowers us to make choices that draw us ever closer to the Divine in our lives. The world has moved away from this understanding, and in moving away from this understanding, we get what we get – serious social, political, emotional, and spiritual catastrophe.

So, how does one connect to their soul? Firstly, look at the Six Foundations. When we eat for mental clarity and physical efficiency, then we’re more perceptive of the truth of things. When you build nefesh, or the life force, the more experienced and more conscious you become. The more you do service and charity, the more you connect at the heart-level, and this helps us to open our heart and connect with the light in all things. When we pray, meditate, and repeat God’s name, it reverberates and internally organizes us, so that when the light of God (the Ruach Ha’Kodesh) is activated within us, it is easier to see. These are not mechanical things. They require the consciousness of joy and love. That’s really the way to make that connection – not through the mechanics of ceremony or ritual, but through the joy and love of connecting to the Divine. Everything begins to open up.

In this we move from chaos into order. Order is health and spiritual awareness, and chaos is disease. From this perspective, you can assess whether your life is coming into order, if you are feeling more alive, and if are you feeling more aligned with the Divine flow in your life. If you can answer “yes” to this, then you are moving from chaos to order and from disease to health. Through this lens, we can make the choices that empower us to move toward order and light.

May everybody be blessed with the ability to make deeper and deeper contact with our souls and the Divine flow, and to be the unique expression that all of us are meant to be within the context of that Divine flow. Amen.