Dr. Cousens is now accepting new patients!

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Dear Friends,

While we are ending some of our public programs at Tree of Life Center US, I want to announce that I will be taking on new patients beginning January 15th. New patients begin with a Whole Person Healing Assessment, which is a special offering for those who have chosen to make a serious commitment to their total evolution. It is not merely a one-time visit to access one’s physical state, mineral status, vitamin status, or the condition of one’s organs. It is a major commitment to take oneself to a whole new level of quality of life. The program is a minimum of a two-year effort to reach and stabilize on this new level of optimal whole person health and spiritual awareness. In entering this program, you must have a strong intent to reach your highest potential, grounded in the financial, emotional, and spiritual commitment to sustain yourself on every level and take the full opportunity this program has for you. Start your healing journey by filling out a health intake form by CLICKING HERE.

Blessings to your health and spiritual wellbeing,
Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD