Minerals – Frequencies of Light Part 2

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  • Mineral Depletion in Plant Food
  • The Seawater Solution
  • High-Mineral Food Creates Healthy Humans
  • Minerals and the Biochemistry of Humanity
  • Minerals in the Organs
  • An abundance of minerals including (Calcium, Carbon, Chlorine……)


What is the solution for growing healthy plants again, and therefore well-nourished human beings? Seawater is the most ancient water solution on Earth, and perhaps the most ideal physiologically to remineralize the soils.

One of the most exciting research studies that has been done on minerals was done by Dr. Maynard Murray and described in his book Sea Energy Agriculture. Dr. Murray was a medical doctor who truly wanted to get to the essence of what health was about. Murray’s thesis, which he stated in 1976 was, “Life is electrical. . . . There can be no life without a transfer of electrical energy.” According to Dr. Murray, the center of life’s gravity is the oceans, a repository of minerals from the land, dissolved and carried to Nature’s settling basin via streams, both above and below ground. His research showed that we need the right key to unlock the nutrient-rich accumulations of trace minerals. Each cell is a little battery that puts out a current. Without this electrical current, the cells cannot really work and eventually will die. Murray pointed out that life started in the sea. Human blood is about 25 percent seawater, and practically 85 percent of the life on Earth comes from and lives in the sea. Murray’s work was to use the minerals in the sea, which added up to ninety trace elements. He used a diluted saltwater mixture in orchards,pastures, and gardens. In his book, he pointed out, “It is possible to build up the immunity to staph, viral, and fungal infections in plants. When we grow corn, wheat, oats, etc. with the sea solids, and feed them to animals, we see changes.” Using animal research with species bred to get cancer, and fed food grown with sea solids, he reported that the first generation cut debilitation from 97 percent to 55 percent, a significant drop. “Through each generation sea solids food instill resistance to cancer.” Murray’s sea solid plants significantly decreased one kind of cancer in mice. Sea solid plants fed to chickens genetically programmed to get leucosis and rats bred to get arthritis manifested significantly fewer of these problems when the foods they ate were produced with sea solids. This foreshadowed the principle of communicating with one’s genes, discussed in Chapter 21. Dr. Murray made the startling conclusion that farming has to be the beginning of preventive medicine. We use this saltwater agriculture at the Tree of Life to grow our own “authentic food.” We have included the refined procedures of Dr. Murray through the help of his successor Don Jansen.

Dr. Murray began his research in 1936 when he attempted to determine which elements in the sea were the secret to helping plant life. He started with hydroponics. He covered all the plants in a liquid solution, which gave him the opportunity to control which elements would be present in the nutrient development of plants in his experiments. His experiments produced very exciting results. It has now been conclusively proven, on the basis of his work, that the proportion of trace minerals and elements present in seawater was optimal for the health and growth of both land and sea plants. In 1954 he did a controlled crop experiment with corn, oats, and soybeans, growing ten acres each of sea-solid grown and controlled food crop. The food grown with highsea-solid solutions was also fed to animals in four parts corn, two parts oats, and one part soybeans. Some interesting observations were made. Not only were the sea-solid crops healthier than the control crops, but the effects on the physiology and pathology of the animals fed on the sea-solid foods were amazing. Chickens, pigs, and cattle fed the sea-salt grains matured sooner than control animals, and all resisted diseases better than the controlled. All these animals were able to resist the disease common to their species, much better than the control animals. The experiment showed that pigs fed sea-solid foods carried the health benefits into the second generation.

Experiments by Dr. Murray and based on his work show that once seawater is dried by evaporation, it leaves sea solids that can be brought in as fertilizer to the land. He used 500 to 3,000 pounds per acre. Dr. Murray found that unless a serious rain runoff occurred, a single application of that much would last four or five years, and the plants grew very well. Other research shows that one can dilute the sea solids in freshwater to create dilute solutions containing 1,000–8,000 parts per million of sea solids, for successful results. We know that sodium chloride in straight concentrate seawater will indeed kill plant life on land; however, this does not happen with dilution.

One interesting experiment done in 1940 by Dr. Murray was with peach trees. Every other peach tree was designated for experimental tests, which used 600 cc of seawater per square foot, applied from the base of the trees out to the edge of the foliage to cover the main areas of nutrition. The second and fourth trees were designated the control group and received no application. All the trees were sprayed with curly leaf virus. The sea watered trees remained free of the virus and delivered normal fruit yields. The control trees not only contracted curly leaf virus, but the peach yield was sharply reduced from the norm. The observation period for the test lasted three years, although the spraying with the virus took place only in the first year. The control trees contracted curly leaf virus each year, and finally died, while the sea watered trees retained resistance throughout the three-year test period.

A similar experiment was done with turnips. Half were control, the other half nourished with seawater. The sea watered section of the plot was fertilized with 600 cc of seawater per square foot of the soil. Staphylococcus bacteria, associated with central rot in turnips, were mixed into the soil of the entire plot. After the turnips had sprouted and leaves appeared above the soil, the leaves of both the control and experimental groups were sprayed with the same bacteria. All sea watered turnips grew to normal, healthy turnips, without evidence of center rot. The control turnips contracted the staphylococcus-caused center rot, and died.

Dr. Murray conducted similar experiment with tomatoes, grown hydroponically. He used a sea salt bed where the experimental hydroponics bed received 112 pounds of sea salt to 5,000 gallons of water solution mixture, while the control bed used the traditional hydroponics solution. Both beds were flooded three times daily. Tobacco mosaic virus, lethal to tomato plants, was sprayed on all the plants. The experimental plants did not contract the disease, but all the control plants died of the tobacco mosaic virus.

Resistance to disease in sea-solid-fed plants is paralleled in animal studies. Animals fed sea-solid vegetables were far more resistant to disease. For example, in one experiment C3H mice, a strain of mice bred so that all females develop breast cancer and die from it, were used. The mice were two months of age when the experiment began. The life expectancy of this strain of females was nine months. Each group had 200 C3H mice. Those receiving control food lived a normal lifespan averaging eight months and seven days. The experimental mice, fed food grown on sea-solids-fertilized soil, lived until they were sacrificed at sixteen months. The sea-solid-vegetable-fed mice produced ten litters compared to the expected two or three litters for the control mice. None of the experimental group of C3H mice developed breast cancer. This is a pretty strong statement.

Another experiment was done with Spraque Dally rats. They were divided into twenty-five control and twenty-five experimental rats. The control rats were given normal food. The experimental rats received the sea-solid-fertilized food. They were both injected with cancer (Jensen Carcino-Sarcoma), which is known to be 100 percent lethal. All the rats on the control diet died within twenty-one days of cancer. None of the rats fed food grown on sea solids died of cancer within forty days. Sixteen lived five months until they were sacrificed and found to have no cancer. So this experiment showed resistance against cancer in a high percentage of sea-solid-fed rats.

In another experiment, Jensen Carcino-Sarcoma was injected into fifty-six control rats and fifty-six experimental rats. All fifty-six control rats were dead within twenty-three days; of the experimental rats, two had a cancer take, but it was absorbed and disappeared. Four of the fifty-six experimental rats died of cancer and the remaining fifty-two were sacrificed ninety days afterward, with no evidence of cancer tissue. This is highly significant. All these studies suggest that disease resistance increases when food that is grown in sea-solid-fertilized soil is consumed.

There was an experiment with twenty-four rabbits. Twelve were fed on food grown with sea solids. The remaining twelve acted as control and fed normal food; they were given a high-cholesterol diet for six months. The control group developed hardening of the arteries and all died within ten months. The experimental group did not develop hardening of the arteries.

Another experiment was done with a breed of rats that developed diseases of the eye. The ten eating sea-solid-grown food showed no deterioration of the eyes and bred five litters. Those in the control group all died of secondary eye disease. What we’re seeing in these results is that animals grown on highly mineralized food basically took in the appropriate mineralization that created an optimal expression that protected them from disease.

Although this useful research was based on animal studies, the reporting of this research, which was done more than fifty years ago, does not mean the author supports the use of animal experimentation.

It is interesting to note that all land animals develop arteriosclerosis, yet sea animals have never been diagnosed as arteriosclerotic. Freshwater trout develop terminal cancer of the liver at the age of 5 years, yet cancer is never found in sea trout. It does appear that sea creatures have less disease. The whale may be the healthiest creature on the planet; it doesn’t even seem to show affects of aging. It is interesting to note that some sea creatures never stop growing. There does not seem to be chronic disease among fish, or it is minimal, compared to what we see on land. The difference between sea and land life seems to be connected to the superior food chain in the sea and the degree of mineralization of the
food chain in the sea. In summary, a key to health is proper mineralization on the intracellular level. Our present diets do not have enough nutrients in the proper form to create a complete intracellular mineralization. The result is that the life force of our cells becomes weakened. The cells then are subject to foreign invasion by bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other parasitic forces.

As with animals, so with plants. Field tests have been done in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida. All the field results were essentially the same. No matter what type of soil was used, production was the same or greater on the soil fertilized with seawater or complete sea solids. Animals fed on the seasolid-fertilized food crops were consistently more disease resistant than the control group. The sea-solid-nourished garden fruits and vegetables were superior in taste. In general, the produce grown on sea solids seemed to be bigger and tastier than that grown on typical soil.

The message is clear: A highly mineralized body is a more disease resistant and anti-aging body. Plants grown to maturity that do not have the proper minerals have a propensity to compensate. When we take in less than healthy plants, we do not get the proper nutrition. This takes us back to the concept of our inner biological terrain. A weakness of the biological terrain allows the parasitic life of viruses, bacteria, and fungus to take advantage and invade our system. What we are looking at today is that most crops require between thirty-five and forty elements. Fertilizers usually add no more than twelve minerals. In most commercial fertilizers, a maximum of six minerals is provided. Eating food from mineral-depleted soil weakens our terrain and therefore undermines our health.

At the Tree of Life our solution to optimal agriculture is our innovative  vegan farming program, which now includes elements of Dr. Murray and Don Jansen’s work of high soil mineralization. No animal products are used at any level of our agricultural methods. There has been enough interest in our approach that we now have both an apprenticeship and workshops in vegan farming.