Tree Of Life Medical Department

The Tree of Life Medical Center offers a fully integrated holistic approach to health and well-being. Designed by Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D. (H), D.D. Implemented by the Tree of Life physicians, our Medical Center is committed to facilitating a way of life that moves one towards vitality, optimum wellness and awareness. The experience of having medical support at the Tree of Life is a co-creative process. Our physicians clearly present healing options and support you in assuming appropriate responsibility for your health. Understanding this healing relationship greatly enhances the personal healing process and promotes a more powerful healing experience.

The Tree of Life Medical Center supports the Diabetes Recovery program and Juice Fast Detox programs. The Tree of Life physicians use a personalized, integrated and holistic approach to health. They observe and assess in a variety of dimensions and perspectives to provide an all-encompassing view of your overall state of health. This approach differs from using multiple healing techniques with inputs from a variety of different practitioners. It allows a healing partnership to evolve between you and your physician as you work together to apply and administer multiple healing modalities. The result is a perspective of you as a total being. This evolves and guides your therapeutic plan at a pace that uniquely fits your needs. The therapeutic plan includes a specific diet, nutrition, and exercise programs; psychological awareness training; meditation; lifestyle changes; and nutritional and natural medicinal supplements designed to bring your body, mind and spirit into harmony and balance.

Healing and results may vary. While a speedy reversal of health conditions is always desirable, it may take years of conscientious and consistent holistic lifestyle choices to build your wellness. Patience and perseverance are helpful to your healing journey.