Measles Madness


The “measles outbreak” at Disneyland in December 15th-20th, 2014 has unfortunately been used as a political opportunistic football to pursue political and pharmaceutical, economic goals based on creating a climate of fear, intimidation, and misinformation. The recent historical and epidemiological reality, that I will review, raises serious questions about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine; the theoretical belief of herd immunity; and the fantasy of 100% protection from measles. In the case of Disneyland, as in other situations around the world, the 90-94% vaccination rate needed, according to the theory of “herd immunity”, was far exceeded. This blog is an effort to cool down and empower people to look at this “controversial” situation with some scientific, evidence-based clarity as documented by epidemiological reality.

In the United States, we are also now seeing measles outbreaks occurring in schools where the vaccination rate is over 98%, which significantly exceeds the 90-94% theoretical projection needed for “herd immunity.” This epidemiological evidence is based on material from my co-authored forthcoming book with Leah Lynn titled Conscious Parenting from a chapter called Toxic Synergy. One measles outbreak occurred in an American school where 100% of the children had been vaccinated. At vaccination rates of 98-100% we can’t really seriously blame the unvaccinated or use lack of “herd immunity” theory to explain this outbreak of measles among the completely vaccinated populations.
As we examine the measles vaccine effectiveness and the failed theory of “herd immunity”, it is powerful to examine the actual epidemiological data. For example, in 1984 there was a measles outbreak in the New Mexico junior high school, in which 98% of the cases were recently vaccinated children. In a 1984 another breakout of measles occurred in an Illinois high school, in which 100% of the cases occurred in previously vaccinated students. There are at least 15 other clearly documented examples of failed herd immunity. The chart below is taken from Neil Z. Miller’s book Vaccine Safety Manual published by New Atlantean Press in 2008 and illustrates the epidemiological evidence of outbreaks of measles in vaccinated populations that dispels the 100% protection fear/fantasy.

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