Honor-Your Word Has Meaning

There is a virtue largely missing in our world today – Honor. Your word has meaning. Honor has disappeared from the media, where people deliberately create false stories. The New York Times has said that they are deliberately doing this. We see this absence of honor in relationships and really in all interactions that people have today. Yet without honor there can’t be authentic communication. Honor implies some level of trust and integrity in the other person. In today’s world, instead of honor, there is widespread deception.

Deception in society disintegrates the social contract. It disintegrates our ability to have intimacy in relationships, and certainly not a sacred relationship. People tend to follow the leaders of society and their dishonorable, deceitful ways. We are not only talking about communication, but also honoring your actions. Are these actions for the highest good? Are these actions uplifting the network of life on the planet, or are they to obtain more money? Those are very important questions where we raise the issue of honor and honorable intent. Society is not sustainable without honorable words and actions amongst its members and leaders.

In some religions, it is taught that it’s ok to lie because the purpose is more important than the means. This is a big problem if you understand honor. We see increasing chaos in society. How do we repair that? How do we turn this around? The politicians lead in rebuilding or destroying the collective honor. They are like the parents of the societal family. Their words and actions make a social difference. The catch is we cannot blame the politicians in the US and other democratic countries because we the people elect these politicians. Some may argue that no one’s vote truly matters; however, it did matter in our last election. The people set the tone. When the people start demanding honor in relationship, honor in sacred relationship, honor in economic relationship, honor in all levels of relationship, it percolates up to the top. People vote for people who reflect their values.

Let’s take it deeper and ask, “In a world of dishonor, how do we resurrect the idea that our words and our actions have meaning?” When people are disconnected from their souls, what emerges reflects the soul. If we start every communication with love, the words and the communications reflect love. Starting with love, your words are carrying love and light, and that is what they communicate.

Politicians are easy to point at. We see someone saying words, but they really don’t mean them. The honorable conscious energy is missing. This is not hard to see. If we start with connection to our soul and connection to our heart, and we start every word with love and the light of the soul, then our words and our sentences will be communicating the energy of love and light. That naturally is going to bring people to a sense of honor, because love and light are going to evoke people to act honorably with each other, with themselves, with the environment, and on every level. In this way, our words become carriers of light and love.

The soul reflects the Divine. In understanding that reflection, the Divine is carried in our words. There are the energetics of the Divine in all that we’re saying or doing. It comes back to us. We can’t blame the politicians. They reflect us and, more profoundly, they reflect society. We must bring society toward harmony with their own souls, and our words will reflect that. That is really the healing process.

Meditation facilitates this process. When people meditate, they begin to connect more and more with the soul, and, in that way, the love and light and the energy of the Divine within the soul is more accessible. That’s a key component for transforming society back into honorable living. Mediation can upgrade the frequency of the society and of the planet. The daily meditations we hold here at the Tree of Life Center US, visualizing the living planet surrounded in light with the words “love” and “peace”, is an antidote to the chaos and hate that is going on today in the world. When people are feeling love and peace, they are likely to be less attracted to the energies of hate and destruction.

May everybody be blessed that we are able to hold that energy in meditation every day and be part of bringing back honor. Amen.