Hibiscus High Herbal

An herb as a natural substance provides healing, but it also provides a spiritual message.

As shared by Dr. Gabriel Cousens in “Conscious Eating”,  Ayurvedic and Chinese healing systems, which have been successfully used for thousands of years, both recognize the importance of the specific energies of foods and herbs in rebalancing and healing the body.

Our Herbal Tea Recipes are soothing and balancing for both body, mind and spirit. This particular herbal blend has antiseptic properties and serves as both anti- inflammatory and detoxifying. The herbs used in this tea help support heart health, digestive health and the nervous system. They are high in natural antioxidants and nutrients – and are great for skin and beauty.
We serve daily organic caffeine-free herbal tea to our guests at the Tree of Life Café.

Hibiscus High Herbal Tea Blend

This is a premade mixture offered by Mountain Rose Herbs  This tea blend contains:

  • organic Hibiscus flowers
  • organic Rosehips
  • organic Lemongrass
  • organic Orange peel
  • organic Spearmint
  • organic Rose petals
  • organic Stevia