Go Organic -Authentically

Organic foods are produced without using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or toxic chemicals. Organic production methods are vastly superior to commercial, chemical-based agriculture in producing foods with optimum nutrition. Foods produced by organic farming practices exhibit improved vitamin and mineral nutrition, as well as superior taste, shelf life, phytochemical and antioxidant content, and stronger and more organized SOEFs (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields).

Investigations are showing that wild-crafted foods (foods harvested from wild plants) have the highest nutritional content, with organic foods next, and conventionally grown foods last. The USDA periodically publishes data on the nutritional content of food. Historically, since the 1940s, each publication of this data shows a decline in the average nutritional content of food. Wheat, for example, used to average a protein content of 19 percent in the 1940s, but today it averages about 12 percent. The same trend exists for fresh fruit and vegetables and other foods. This decline of nutritional content, even of whole, fresh foods, is accompanied by additional losses from cooking and processing. There appears to be a strong correlation between the onset and trend of this decline in nutritional content of foods and the introduction and increasingly heavy reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, deep tillage, gene manipulation, and other practices of conventional agriculture. These practices have been well-documented as leading to a decline in soil quality and loss of topsoil and fertility. Further evidence of this relationship between conventional practices and the decline in nutritional content of foods is the fact that, on a fresh-weight basis – the critical way to look at nutrition for consumers of raw food – organic foods have about twice the vitamin and mineral content as conventional foods. On a dry-weight basis, this difference in nutritional quality is less obvious, so scientists tend to use the dry-weight comparison to support their claim that foods produced by chemical-based farming are not statistically different from organic foods. However, this obscures the fact that food is living nutrients and life-force energy, while food ash is burnt residue and not food. Humans are biologically designed to consume food!

Organic food production plays a very important role in healing our world. Its focus is getting toxic chemicals out of agriculture. Organic farmers are performing an incredibly valuable service to society through their efforts to reform food production methods to better conform to Nature and to protect the environment and human health.

Going beyond the focus of getting chemicals and GMOs out of our food, authentic food production focuses on enhancing the biological quality of food. So we are talking about a new set of concepts that do not dictate what one shouldn’t do in order to be considered “organic.” Authentic food has to do with what we can do to add energy to food and soil, by Love and devotion in its production. This allows us to absorb the highest energy from our food, which is the main way we derive energy from the planet. Authentic food lifts food to a new level and quality.

The term authentic has to do with farmers who are more concerned with quality than with mass production, even if it is organic. It identifies fresh, organic food produced by local growers who want to focus on what they are doing instead of what they are not doing. The concept of authentic goes right down to the fundamentals of how food was offered in the past. These principles are:

  • All food is produced by the growers who sell it.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are produced within a 50- to 150-mile radius of the place of their final sale.
  • Seed and storage crops are produced within a 300-mile radius of their final sale.
  • The grower’s fields and greenhouses are open for inspection at any time, and the customers themselves can be the certifiers of their  food.
  • All of the agricultural practices used on the farm selling “authentic” are chosen to produce food at the highest nutritional and vibrational qualities.
  • Soils are nourished as they are in the natural world, with farm-derived organic matter, minerals, and particles from ground rot.
  • Green manures and cover crops are included with the broadly based crop rotations to maintain biodiversity.
  • A pest-positive rather than pest-negative philosophy is involved, recognizing that pests appear when there is an imbalance and focusing on how to correct the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. This is a holistic approach to farming. The goal, of course, is vigorous, healthy crops that are endowed with inherent powers to resist pests.
  • Any authentic farm or garden land is a zone free of genetically modified organisms.

The definition of authentic farming obviously stresses local, seller-grown, fresh, organic food – concepts that are not so easy for agribusiness to adopt. This supports the health of the ecosystem, our bodies, and the local economy. Because many of us to do not have access to authentic foods in contemporary society, one solution is to grow your own. For most people at this point, it is appropriate to at least shift to buying organic food from your local health food store. Although authentic food is at the cutting edge beyond organic, the organic movement plays an incredibly important role in the healing of the planet. It is of prime importance that everyone go 100 percent organic.

Living Soil

The entire world’s food supply depends on the quality of the soil. Topsoil is the foundation for the food chain, especially of the vegan diet. The plants we eat receive their nourishment from the soil. So if the soil has been depleted by overuse or poisoned by chemicals, the nutrient content in the plants we eat will suffer. When plants have depleted nutrients and life force, we will too. On the other hand, living soil, soil rich in microorganisms with strong SOEFs, will yield plants that are full conductors of the cosmic prana. Eating these plants will harmonize with and strengthen our SOEFs and health in general.

Unless we pay attention to our harmony with our topsoil, we humans, who are created out of the dust of the Earth, will return much sooner to personally refertilize it.


Pesticides currently registered in the U.S. are linked to cancer, birth defects, developmental harm, and central nervous system damage. Let us understand, pesticides are designed to kill living creatures, and human beings are living creatures. The organic movement is one of the most important things we have to begin to rectify the destruction of our soils, the very high rate of cancer in children and adults, and the

literal poisoning of the planet. The only people who benefit from this pollution are the corporations that profit directly from the sale of chemicals and indirectly from the suffering of others.

Pesticides can affect every living organism. Humans are no exception. The more detrimental effects of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides include: cancer, nervous system disorders, birth defects, and alterations of DNA; liver, kidney, lung, and reproductive system problems; and an overall disruption of ecological cycles on the planet. Pesticide usage is a major public health problem worldwide. Pesticide usage not only leads to disease, but directly destroys the life force of the soil. It reflects a consciousness that is completely out of touch with the laws of Nature.

Genetically Engineered Foods

Genetically engineered (GE) foods provide a more significant threat to our subtle worldwide ecosystems than even pesticides and herbicides.

Once a gene is inserted into an organism, it can cause unanticipated side effects. Mutations and side effects can cause GE foods to contain toxins and allergens, and to be reduced in nutritional value. GE foods have potential to damage the ecosystem, harm wildlife, and change the natural habitat. Our plant and animal species have evolved over millions of years, and introducing genetically engineered species upsets the delicate balance of the ecology. Gene pollution may never be able to be cleaned up.

Genetic engineering may accidentally or intentionally remove or deactivate substances in food that the engineers may consider undesirable in food. The engineered food, or the missing substances, may have qualities that we do not yet understand. The use of GE foods results in decreased effectiveness of antibiotics. It is now commonplace in genetic engineering to introduce antibiotics in genes as a marker to indicate that the organism has been successfully engineered. These gene markers have the potential to create bacterial mutations that are resistant to antibiotics and therefore undermine the effectiveness of antibiotics.

The possibility of the danger of eating GE foods and/or foods that contain genetically modified substances was highlighted by the research of Dr. Arpad Pasztai, a senior scientist at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland. He fed genetically engineered potatoes to rats. The rats developed smaller hearts, livers, and brains, and had weaker immune systems. Some rats showed significant brain shrinkage after only ten days of eating genetically modified potatoes. This the most significant piece of data on the health dangers of GMOs – and an ominous warning.

Irradiated Foods

Irradiated food is another biohazard. Irradiating food completely disorganizes the energetic field. (This is also true of microwaved food.) There is no solid evidence to show that eating irradiated food is safe, but there is some evidence to show that it has specific dangers. Food is irradiated with gamma rays. The gamma rays break up the molecular structure of the food and create free radicals. The free radicals react with the food to form new chemical substances called “radiolytic products.” Some of these include formaldehyde, benzene, formic acid, and quinones, which are known to be harmful to human health. Irradiating food destroys somewhere between 20 and 80 percent of the vitamins, including A, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, C, E, and K. Amino acids and essential fatty acids are also destroyed. Enzymes, of course, are destroyed, as are the bio-photons.

Going Authentic Organic

There is no shortcut to health and happiness except by following the natural and spiritual laws of life to the best of one’s ability and present knowledge. Humanity and all sentient beings are sustained by the same radiating Light of the universe within and without us. If we are to be in harmony with this Light as it comes to us through the natural interplay of earth, water, air, and fire via the vegetable kingdom, then it is essential to choose to eat organic, authentic agricultural products that are grown in the fullness of this Light. We should be very cautious when we attempt to tamper with Nature.

By eating authentic, organic, whole foods the way Nature has given them to us, we have a sound way of eating that begins to bring us back to health, for ourselves and for the planet.

This article is from Spiritual Nutrition; Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini  by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD.

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