Go Organic

Go Organic

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine.

For those interested in health, what we are looking at is an unsavory situation. We are faced with commercially grown foods, irradiated foods, genetically engineered foods, and government authorities who are choosing, in essence, to make it very difficult to discern whether something has been irradiated or genetically modified. It presents a complex problem.There is, however, a very simple solution: go organic, authentic, or grow your own. That takes us back to the idea of authentic food that flies under the radar of government control and big business operations. That is what we are doing at the Tree of Life. Our Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine is 100% organic and authentic as possible. This simple yet powerful solution is what we are recommending as a way of addressing the problem.

There are many positive steps to take in addition to the Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, such as checking where you buy groceries to make sure the buyers are committed to not marketing irradiated or genetically engineered foods.

The good news is that the growing tide of GE junk foods directly encourages us to move toward health and a higher quality of life, and greater awareness of how we want to live. I want to take what appears to be negative and turn it around by saying that this is a very positive inducement to lead our lives as authentic, full, healthy human beings. The Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine is specifically about helping us to achieve these goals.

If we follow the guideline to eat only whole, organic, high-energy, authentic foods, the irresponsible tampering with our food supply will have little effect on us personally. If these issues pain your heart and conscience to help others, then there are many positive steps to take. One of the most active organizations dealing with the world issues of food is Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy.

There is no shortcut to health and happiness except by following the natural and spiritual laws of life to the best of one’s ability and present knowledge. Humanity and all sentient beings are sustained by the same radiating light of the universe within and without us. If we are to be in harmony with this light as it comes to us through the natural interplay of earth, water, air, and fire via the vegetable kingdom, then it is essential to choose to eat organic, authentic agricultural products that are grown in the fullness of this light. We should be very cautious when we attempt to tamper with nature.