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We live in an age of headlines and soundbites. The internet is packed full of information but typically runs low on wisdom. This is the reason I write such long and comprehensive blogs. My work is becoming known for its in depth analysis of today’s issues. My articles are repeated attempts to provide people with a substantial understanding of the issues at hand, and the wisdom to know how to address these issues in their personal lives. I typically provide an article summary, which distills the main points for those in a hurry. While some people think in soundbites, I tend to think in chapters and books. My approach is holistic, and, as such, requires that I present both a spiritual and a scientific overview in my ongoing mission of merging the heavens and the earth. As a scientist, a medical doctor, and an artist of consciousness, providing my readers with the option for depth is my way of serving humanity.

~Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.


Chances are you have a bottle of cinnamon in your spice cupboard. And chances are you never thought of cinnamon as medicine.  However, cinnamon has been used medicinally since ancient times. This popular spice was used in ancient Egypt, China, and India for culinary and medicinal purposes, and its use has also been documented in the Bible. Most people think of cinnamon as a flavoring for desserts or as a warm, robust scent for candles and potpourri. But this spice may do more than make your house smell good.  Cinnamon is packed with a variety of protective antioxidants that reduce […]

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Basil now grows in many regions throughout the world, but it was first native to India, Asia and Africa. It is prominently featured in varied cuisines throughout the world including Italian, Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian. The name “basil” is derived from the old Greek word basilikohn, which means “royal,” reflecting that ancient culture’s attitudes towards an herb that they held to be very noble and sacred. The tradition of reverence of basil has continued in other cultures. In India, basil was cherished as an icon of hospitality, while in Italy, it was a symbol of love. Although more than 60 […]

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Beyond I Am

One of the hardest tasks we have in spiritual life is remembrance. What is it that we are remembering? It is the purpose of life. What is the purpose of life? From a spiritual point of view, it is to know our I Am-ness and, ultimately, to merge with God. To merge with God, you have to give up your I Am-ness. That doesn’t seem quite fair does it? You just get it, and then you have to give it up. That is really the point. Mostly we identify with time, space, form, our life cycles, etc. When that goes […]

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Taste Balancing

Taste balancing is a major key in preparing delicious food. It supports holistic food preparation that celebrates the balance of flavors and the balance of feeding each body, from the emotional body to the spiritual body, with intention. When we feed people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with comforting food, it creates balance in a variety of ways. In each of our foods we like to have a taste base. That based, a balance in each dish of a sweet, salt, acid, and fat taste, give us a foundation for making almost any ethnic dish. Again, the base components all […]

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Native to Central and South America, today cayenne is widely used in Mexican, Cajun, and some Asian cuisines. Hot and spicy, it has a very noticeable warming effect when consumed – thanks to the high concentrations of the active compound capsaicin. Widely studied, cayenne is decidedly warming and has numerous potential health benefits including increasing metabolism and core body temperatures. Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens), is a member of the Solanaceae (Nightshade) Family. It is rich in vitamin C, and helps relieve chills, coughs and congestion. Its trademark heat and warming effects, which greatly exceed that of most other red peppers, is […]

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2017 New Year’s Blessings from Gabriel and Shanti

New Year’s Blessings from Gabriel and Shanti Dear Greater Tree of Life Community Around the World, We humbly thank you on behalf of the Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Center US for the spiritual, social, and economic support you have given our efforts in this last year. The Tree of Life Center US is now more successful than ever before. Approximately 25% (the average corporate humanitarian contributions are around 1%) of the net profit from the Tree of Life Center US supports our humanitarian programs around the world in preventing diabetes, promoting organic, veganic farming food production, […]

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It’s important to know that the vast majority of studies on turmeric have not examined the spice itself, but rather one of its constituents called curcumin. When you hear about the benefits of turmeric on a website or on a health news report on television, you are mostly likely hearing about the benefits of curcumin. This aspect of the health research can be very confusing! The dried powdered spice that many people use in recipes comes from the root (rhizome) portion of the plant Curcuma longa. The unprocessed form of this root bears a strong resemblance to ginger root, and […]

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The Power of Blessing


The Book of Genesis tells us that Abraham walked before God as a blessing to the world. From that time until today, the power of blessing is a unique gift that we, as humans, may give to the world. We are often fooled by someone’s appearance – their age, illness, attitude, or we are just too distracted to realize that within everyone is a place of goodness and integrity, no matter how deeply buried. Often we are not present enough to witness it and neglect it due to our preoccupations. When we recognize the spark of God in others, we […]

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Ginger Jai Bisque

Ingredients 1 C pumpkin, seeded 2 C coconut water or purified water 1 1/2 C pine nuts, unsoaked 1 T leeks, minced 2 t fresh ginger, minced 1 1/2 t celtic or himalayan salt 1 1/2 t cumin 1/8- 1/4 t cayenne pepper 1 t fenugreek seeds, ground Blend all ingredients together in high-powered blender until creamy. Heat on stove top to 115 degrees if you have a thermometer, otherwise put in dehydrator at 115 degrees for 30 – 60 minutes.

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Rainbow Chakra Salad

Ingredients for 1 quart mason/ball/kerr jar: BOTTOM to TOP 1.     RED Layer 1 – ¼ cup shredded beets with a pinch of smoked paprika and cayenne 2.     ORANGE Layer 2 – ¼ cup mango with sprouted almonds 3.     YELLOW Layer 3 – ¼ cup ginger, ground-soaked flax, soaked sunflower, fennel and turmeric 4.     GREEN Layer 4 – ¼ cup kale, dandelion, thyme, cilantro, basil 5.     BLUE Layer 5 – ¼ cup lemongrass, kiwi, lime, olive oil, salt 6.     INDIGO (PURPLE) Layer 6 – ¼ cup blueberries, poppy seeds, red grape juice 7.     VIOLET  – Incense and Smudging (not to be […]

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