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We live in an age of headlines and soundbites. The internet is packed full of information but typically runs low on wisdom. This is the reason I write such long and comprehensive blogs. My work is becoming known for its in depth analysis of today’s issues. My articles are repeated attempts to provide people with a substantial understanding of the issues at hand, and the wisdom to know how to address these issues in their personal lives. I typically provide an article summary, which distills the main points for those in a hurry. While some people think in soundbites, I tend to think in chapters and books. My approach is holistic, and, as such, requires that I present both a spiritual and a scientific overview in my ongoing mission of merging the heavens and the earth. As a scientist, a medical doctor, and an artist of consciousness, providing my readers with the option for depth is my way of serving humanity.

~Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.

Food Effects on the Mind & Spirit

“Particular energies exist within each food that affect our physical functioning, the nature of our thoughts, and even the expansion of our consciousness” For thousands of years different cultures have been aware that the types of food we eat have subtle effects on the mind. Herodotus, the Greek historian, reported that grain-eating vegetarian cultures surpassed meat-eat-ing cultures in art, science, and spiritual development. It was his view that meat-eating nations tended to be more warlike and more focused on expression of anger and sensual passions. It is said that the ancient Egyptian priesthood ate specific foods to increase their spiritual […]

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Heavenly Garden Soup for the World

Serves 25 Ingredients: 8 purple potatoes 2-3 sweet potatoes, chopped 2-3 yams, chopped 1 yellow Finn potato, chopped 8 carrots, chopped 4 stalks celery, chopped 1/2 purple cabbage, chopped 1/2 green cabbage, chopped 1/4 head cauliflower, chopped 1/4 bunch of cilantro, chopped 1/4 bunch spinach, chopped 1/4 lb shiitake mushrooms, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 3 Tbs mellow miso 1 1/2 Tbs dill 1 tsp basil 1/4 tsp ginger, grated 2 gallons water Heat water to 115 degress F adding all ingredints, except miso and cilantro. Heat 3-4 hours, adding cilantro during the last half hour. When soup is ready, […]

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Role of Enlightenment in a Relationship (Pt. 1)

There are many portals to the Self – nature, body awareness, breath, silence, yoga, meditation, and remembering that we are prior to the mind (jnana yoga or Zero Point Process). Silence is powerful and allows an opening to the Divine. A near death experience can be a doorway to the Self because we have a direct experience of the subtle body. The Nothing has the appearance of the Manifest in the three-dimensional world. By becoming aware of the empty space around you, you become aware of “no mind”. The inner space is silent and still. Nothing real can be threatened. […]

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The 6 Tastes

From Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD: There are six tastes and food qualities that help to inform us how a food will tend to affect and interact with our doshas. Each taste is nature’s way of signaling us as to how the food will energetically act on our body and mind. The six tastes are: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. The sweet taste can be experienced by the varying degrees of sweetness that are in sweet fruit, sugar, milk, rice, and grains. Sweetness increases kapha and decreases pitta and vata. Sweetness has the qualities of being […]

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Specific Healing Qualities of Food

From Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD: The next step in understanding the particular energy of a food is to realize that each food has specific healing qualities, which is different from a general pitta or vata or yin or yang effect. This is highlighted in Dr.Bernard Jensen’s book, Food That Heals,and in the classical juice therapy book by Dr. N. W. Walker, Raw Vegetable Juices. Jensen’s book lists the foods and Walker’s book lists the food juices and their specific healing qualities.The juices in our spiritual juice fast retreats are used according to these heal-ing principles. The different Chinese medical […]

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Pumpkin Hemp Seed Mylk

Pumpkin-hemp seed mylk is a great source of protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc and potassium & will last 3-4 days.  Recipe for One quart (32 oz): Ingredients 1 cup soaked pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup hemp seeds Approximately 5 cups Filtered water sweetener and spices optional – we do not add any sweetener at the Tree of Life Directions Add seeds to blender Add filtered water to blender pitcher to the 7 cup Blender on medium fort 30-seconds, then blend on high for another 30-seconds Turn blender off Place nut mylk bag into pitcher or bowl and pour mylk into bag Hand […]

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Coconut Cream Pie

Crust: 1 C almonds, soaked 2 T raisins, soaked (Phase 2 only) 1 T Tree of Life mesquite pod meal 1/2 T Celtic slt Homogenize ingredients in a food processor or high-power juicer to make crust. Press crust firmly into pie plate.  Filling: 2 C coconut pulp 4 T coconut water 1 T coconut butter Blend in a high-power blender coconut pulp, butter and water, adding coconut water until achieving desired consistency. Pour the cream into the crust. Chill for 1 hour and serve with fresh berries. 

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Optimal Diet for Pregnancy

As I move into a discussion on the optimal diet for pregnancy, I want to remind the reader that from the conscious eating perspective there is no one optimal diet for everyone. The secret to a successful vegetarian, vegan, or live-food diet is understanding your dominant dietary type and Ayurvedic dosha. This applies to everyone at any time and not just during pregnancy.One additional point is that people often confuse a therapeutic diet with building or long-term healthy optimal diet. Therapeutic diets such as only fruits for cleansing, less than 10% fat diet for heart disease, or prolonged juice fasting […]

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Honor-Your Word Has Meaning

There is a virtue largely missing in our world today – Honor. Your word has meaning. Honor has disappeared from the media, where people deliberately create false stories. The New York Times has said that they are deliberately doing this. We see this absence of honor in relationships and really in all interactions that people have today. Yet without honor there can’t be authentic communication. Honor implies some level of trust and integrity in the other person. In today’s world, instead of honor, there is widespread deception. Deception in society disintegrates the social contract. It disintegrates our ability to have […]

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Herbs for Balancing the Doshas

Allspice is pungent, heating, balances K and V, and unbalances P. It relieves gas, promotes peristalsis, and stimulates metabolism. Best for fall, winter, and spring. Anise is pungent, heating, balances K and V, and unbalances P. It relieves gas and promotes digestion. It comes from the tiny seeds of both Anisum vulgare and Anisum officinalis. In India it is known as “foreign fennel.” Best for fall, winter, and spring. Asafoetida (hing) is pungent, heating, balances K and V, and unbalances P. It is a powerful stimulant of the digestive fire and dispeller of intestinal gas, pain, and bloating. It is […]

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